June 8, 2018

Emotionally Intense New Supermoon causing Major Shifts & Disruption.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


On June 13th, there will be an extremely powerful and potent new supermoon in Gemini, bringing with it an energetic emotional storm that is set to stay for the next two months.

The reason for this is that this supermoon is the first in a series of three new moon supermoons, with the the second on July 13th—and the third, which will be the completion of this intense energy portal, taking place on August 11th, 2018.

Cosmically, everything happens in sequences, and we have just stepped into one of these sequences—known as a supermoon triad, which happens when there are three supermoons in a row. 

Unlike regular new moons—in which the energy lasts for a few days—the highly charged, intense, life-altering energy of this trio will be felt consistently throughout this two-month period. Those who are highly sensitive to energy will have been sensing the intensity in the atmosphere since the beginning of June and feeling the highly charged energy developing—because although there have been high and low periods, generally the intensity has remained at a peak.

A supermoon occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to the earth, resulting in the moon being approximately 14 percent closer than normal. The moon is known to wreak havoc with Mother Nature, resulting in landslides, higher tides, and earthquakes. When we think about how the moon’s gravity affects the tides, it is easy to see how it also interacts with living creatures.

All zodiac signs will be affected by this lunar energy, but in particular those born with Gemini in their chart will feel impacted.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury; therefore, Mercury’s characteristics will also be highlighted and intensified during this new moon. Geminis are renowned for being talkative and argumentative, and Mercury is known for communication, therefore conversations may have misunderstandings and quickly and easily become heated.

Mercury is associated with agreements, contracts, listening, learning, negotiating, purchasing, selling, speaking, travel plans, and vehicles. Therefore, when the moon is in Gemini, we can expect any or all of these things to be impacted. Gemini has both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities and can be volatile, so we may feel one emotion vividly one minute and an entirely different one the next.

New moons represent the end of one 28-day cycle and the start of a new one, and this lunar event is also the last of an intense and energetic half year. It is a turning point for clearing out old energy from the past six months and is a catalyst for beginning the second half of the year focused on creating space for high-vibrational, positive energy to enter.

New moons can cause us to feel introverted and introspective; however, our need to escape from the manic external world does not necessarily mean we want to be alone, but instead that we do not want to be surrounded by those whose energy feels tense, negative, and who bring us down. We will notice we have the desire to remove ourselves from dynamics that cause friction—and instead, we’ll find we are gravitating toward those with whom we feel peaceful and calm. In short, during this new moon, we will be drawn to those who feel like “home.”

We have gone through many drastic energy shifts lately, which have taken us through personal transformation and caused us to vibrate on an entirely different frequency. This new supermoon brings another major awakening, in which we will see everything around us as though we are viewing and perceiving it all for the first time. This can feel terrifying, as we may suddenly question how we have managed to maintain certain relationships or continue in certain jobs or living arrangements for so long.

Gemini’s moon is giving us the courage to speak our truth, loudly and clearly, and we will intuitively know what we want and where we are heading. We will be looking back over the past six months and understanding why we have been through certain challenges, what they have taught us, and how they have led us to where we are now.

As we go through this deep inner reflection, we will receive a clear vision of where we want the journey through the second half of the year to take us. This could mean that we will need to commit to a dramatic detox of our lives, so that anything that is not aligned with where we want to be when the year ends has to be released.

This is most certainly the time to get rid of any habits, patterns, thoughts, obsessions, commitments, dynamics, or material items that have been weighing us down and keeping us stuck in a reality that it neither healthy or serving us. Anything that no longer resonates with who we are and how we want to be living will start to dissipate before our eyes. 

We will be cutting ourselves free from the low-frequency entities that we have become attached to and burning through old paradigms, as well as setting alight a crumbling bridge or two in the process. 

This leaves a gateway for those who reflect the same passion and desire to exist free from chaos, harm, and destruction—and for kindred souls who share a similar passion for co-existing harmoniously and lovingly on this planet to enter our lives. 

During this period, we will have low tolerance for people who are only around to create dysfunction—or to continuously take, with no effort to mutually maintain and build the relationship. Those whose energy radiates with authenticity, integrity, and sincerity are the ones we will feel magnetically pulled toward, and we will discover that as we refuse to settle for less, people with pure intentions will flow our way.

The next part of this year is intensely powerful for manifesting exactly what it is we want, where we want to be, and who we hope will surround us. It is up to us to put the effort in now, so that we can end the year celebrating with people we love and appreciate and who feel the same way bout us in return—and at a stage where we can look around with pride at what we have achieved and close 2018 on the highest note. 

Everything in the universe occurs in cycles, and yearly cycles are ones where we are able to look back at how far we’ve traveled, how much soul growth has taken place, and also where we can learn from anything or anyone that has disrupted our path in some way. It all happens for a divine reason—but at the same time, we are also creators of our own destiny, so the faster we transcend lessons and patterns, the quicker we will attract magnificent possibilities and magical happenings will enter our lives. 

Gemini is so divinely placed as this six-month chapter comes to an end, as it is the “twin” energy and shows us how it is our individual choice as to whether we  focus on darkness or light, our Jekyll or Hyde personalities, and that whichever one we put our time, energy, and attention into is the one that will ultimately win out.

It is the ideal time to move closer to integrating both our dark and light sides, so that we accept that everything exists—good, bad, pretty, ugly, dark, light, and all in between. We can then try to fully accept ourselves (and those around us) on an entirely different level.

We all have darkness and light—however, we don’t all make the same choices, and we don’t all behave in the same way. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions depend on which side we decide to give power to, so if we want to live a highly vibrational, beautiful life, it is vital that we choose wisely.

A supermoon triad is a supercharged energy portal in which masses of luminous energy is believed to infiltrate Earth’s atmosphere. Absorbing it can be overstimulating, which might make us feel emotional, drained, and fatigued, and we may also notice the following occurring:

>> People from our past reappear, so we have the chance to finally learn a valuable lesson, to make amends, or to forgive and release the past once and for all.

>> Physiological symptoms may manifest, such as flu-like symptoms, ear ringing, or aches and pains.

>> Frequent anxiety or feeling panicky without clear reason.

>> We might “know” things without logical explanation and find it difficult to explain the source of our information.

>> Irrational bouts of fear of the future.

>> Temporary loss of memories, forgetting things, misplacing items.

>> Time appearing to go extremely slow or fast.

>> Taking more responsibility for behaviour and actions.

>> Disrupted sleep, insomnia, waking between the hours of 2:00 to 5:00 a.m.

>> Vivid dreams that help us find resolution with past emotional issues.

>> Seeing and feeling energy such as orbs, sparks, or flashes of light; noticing energy warming the palms of hands.

>> Irritable, triggered easily, mood swings, frustration, sadness, bouts of anger.

>> Sensitive to noise, light, tastes, touch.

>> Feeling as though something huge is about to happen.

>> Awakening to past mistakes and no longer allowing ourselves to repeat them.

>> Chronic fatigue and being around other people feels draining.

>> Feeling zoned, spaced out, or ungrounded.

>> Appreciation that all life is sacred.

>> High intuition, sudden insights, heightened awareness, enhanced compassion and empathy, seeing things with clarity, and receiving answers or resolutions to ongoing issues.

>> Releasing, healing, letting go of the past.

>> Overthinking and obsessing over tiny details.

>> Emotional, bursting into tears for no apparent reason.

>> Noticing synchronicities—for instance, certain number patterns reappearing.

>> More consciously aware of other people’s energy fields and highly sensitive to negativity.

>> Sensitive to certain noises, particularly tones of voices.

>> Becoming aware of things we have been conditioned to believe.

>> Growing discomfort around certain family members, friends, or work colleagues.

>> Wanting to spend time alone, introspection.

Overall, we are receiving an empowering opportunity for major personal transformation, to remove blockages and old patterns, to realise and manifest our purpose, and to expand our conscious awareness. If we are willing to actively attune and integrate this cosmic energy, instead of fearfully resisting it, and if we are able to remain positive and open so that we adapt at a fast pace to the constant changes taking place, we can take full advantage of this rare energy portal.

As the supermoon portal closes toward the end of August, anything we have been struggling with since the beginning of June will also come to a close and offer us heightened understanding of the challenges we have been through. 

During intensive energy shifts such as this supermoon triad, it is highly recommended to regularly cleanse our energy field at the beginning and end of each day by drinking plenty of water, taking salt water baths, meditating, or spending time outdoors in nature, and taking time out alone to reconnect with oneself and to release any negative energy that may have accumulated.


**Disclaimer: If you experience any of the symptoms listed here, please also seek the advice of a medical professional. The above symptoms are commonly noted during geomagnetic storms, however, there may be other medical-related causes.


author: Alex Myles

Image: Unsplash/Linda Xu

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina


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Nancy Fagan Jul 1, 2018 5:55am

Excellent and informative article. I don't suppose you have a mailing list to which you send regular astrological posts, or do you know someone who does? Not "horoscopes"; I'd want the real deal. Again, great article, and the timing was perfect.

Dan Cernat Jun 23, 2018 6:38pm

Kris Vango Very nice and poetic argument 1. Science cannot fully understand consciousness, yet. However science confirmed that consciousness is a product of our brain. We have many examples when physical brain damage resulted in an altered consciousness. 2. Intuition, coincidence, chance are all pretty much related to the probability of 2 or more unrelated events to take place at the same time 3. energy - there is a pretty good understanding of the concept of energy in science. 4. non-physical energy - what is that? can you define it? 5. atoms exist in 2 places at the simultaneously? not really. Particles exist in several places at the same time, but with a probability. Te sum of probabilities of all possible locations of a particle sum up to 1. 6. I reject the proposition that conflicting thruths may exist simultaneously - can you prove it? Can you give an example of 2 conflicting simultaneous scientifically demonstrable thruths? 7. Faith is not a reliable path to truth so it has no bearing in discovering it. Faith can lead you to falsehoods (e.g I have faith that the Flying Spagetty Monster is behind all supranatural fenomena). Faith is the term people use when there is no reasonable evidence for their beliefs. Faith is gullability. 8. Detach from physical body - what does that mean? 9. I don't fear death, nothingness, meaninglessness. However I strongly believe that living is way better than being dead.

Lucille Hino Jun 21, 2018 6:05pm

BTW the astrology cycle is precession of the equinoxes that ancients tracked and linked to cosmic events that correspond precisely to what is happening with increased gamma ray influx as the solar cycle descends into low activity, weakening our magnetosphere. You can actually see images of the weak spot in our magnetosphere from ESA SWARM images, and NASA "solar minimum is coming" cycles that affect cosmic radiation. Long range 5k 10k in ancient calendars are the reason 2012 was calculated for major shift in earth-sun orientation as orbit goes out of low eccentricity. Ancient technology was covered up by British Empire everywhere they went, suppressing ancient knowledge more precise than what we use today, and now all "modern" societies follow a 150 year old science that cannot replicate massive stone monuments from a superior culture that spread all over the globe [base 60 trig using ratios instead of arcs]

Lucille Hino Jun 21, 2018 5:57pm

check out NASA solar minimum is coming, gamma ray influx increasing with weakening of magnetic shield; ESA SWARM images of magnetosphere; then check out quantum physics, electromagetic waves, and the electrical impulses that operate every aspect of your system. Just remember subatomic particles going through everything [even measured going through earth] and how your brain works. ]electric impulses] Seriously, electromagnetism and the earth inner core dyname.

Andy Castellucio Jun 20, 2018 2:20am

Smoke weed

Kris Vango Howard Jun 16, 2018 3:56pm

science governs the physical elements of our existence, what we see, smell, hear, touch, taste. Science cannot understand the non physical; consciousness, intuition, coincidence, chance, energy. If you live in the world of physical science you shut yourself off to the wonderful dimensions of non physical energy. Essentially you banish yourself to exist only within the physical limitations of science. Quantum physics is getting closer to understanding non physical energy, but it tries to channel it into a physical understanding - which will always be limited. This energy is something cultures of this earth have well documented. I find it sad that you keep your mind so narrow... and so western and modern. In the end, as lovely science has proven, atoms exist in two places simultaneously, so maybe you should open yourself up to the reality that there may never be one dogmatic truth, and always conflicting truths existing simultaneously. To explore these dimensions, you need faith, imagination and a sense of playfulness; the ability to detach yourself from your physical body, to overcome the fear of death, of nothingness, of meaninglessness. Then you will be rewarded with information and knowledge science and even language cannot truly express. I encourage you.

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