This is for the Poets.

For the Poets

This is for the poets.

This is for those fleeting moment capturers that enrapture us
This is for the rhyme flingers and word slingers

For pens and microphones gripped between fingers
For the barrier breakers who showed everyone and anyone, this could be done.

For the public communicators of private struggles
For the lives reborn from rubble
For the poets writing their way out of trouble

For every poem written that aides a resurrection
Or sparks an insurrection

For every poet that challenges convention,
For every witty epithet doubling as reactionary couplet

And for poets who’ve been surprised by what they’ve created
And for poets who make this look uncomplicated

For every secret journal kept hidden, every instrumental or internal beat ridden,
For every writer reaching for knowledge forgotten or forbidden
On every stage and page graced with a verse that didn’t want, but needed to be written.

For every seasoned sage or first-timer faced with whatever it means to be a writer

For every fabled poet telling fables,
For every identity shunning easy labels,
For every poem in every language under Babel.

For the poets who write for those who are unable.
For the poets who write just to keep themselves stable.

For the poets everywhere, and the poetry that got them there.

This is for the poets.

– Written by The Repeat Beat Poet


author: Peter deGraft-Johnson

Image: Author's Own

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

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Melba Gray Jun 12, 2018 1:00pm

"For the poets who write for those who are unable. For the poets who write just to keep themselves stable". Profound...Thank you.

Rob Smith Jun 7, 2018 11:01pm

Love it.... Thank You.

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Peter deGraft-Johnson

Peter deGraft-Johnson is The Repeat Beat Poet, a London-based poet and emcee who fuses stream-of-consciousness writing and hip-hop culture to capture and extend moments of time, thought, and feeling.

The Repeat Beat Poet has performed across the country and internationally, including at The Royal Albert Hall, the Edinburgh Fringe, and Spoken Word Paris, and is the reigning Nozslam Champion. Peter hosts the monthly spoken word nights Boomerang, and Pen-Ting, alongside his own hip-hop and poetry radio show, “The Repeat Beat Broadcast.” Find The Repeat Beat Poet on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.