August 16, 2018

Meditation is Not What you Think It Is. {Partner}

This is a post written in collaboration with Thomas Hübl—an Elephant Mindful Partner. Thomas and his team are dedicated to facilitating healing and awakening on an individual and global level, and we are honored to work with them. ~ ed.


Most of us—whether we have practiced mindfulness or not—have experienced rare moments of transcendence where we feel deeply seen or we have a deep insight, opening, awakening.

It is usually only briefly, and often in everyday life.

I call these “essential” moments.

Why essential? Because in those moments, something unique happens: there is a transformation, a movement, a new development in our life.

If you think about it, I’m sure you can pick out at least one of these essential moments in your own life. For example, we all know how good it feels to have a very inspiring conversation with somebody. You leave the conversation but you are fully alive and sparkling and you have many ideas and you feel very creative. Together with someone else you’ve touched upon something essential and it feels good. It’s exciting.

But, the busier and the fuller our modern lives become, the further we seem to drift from that “essential” state, that original peace, a sense of deep connection with others and all life. And the less accessible it seems to us, the more we crave it and search for it.

Some of us are more conscious of this search for the “essential” in life. We have a yearning for a deeper meaning in our lives, or a connection to something that is deeply meaningful.

What if I told you there is a way we can transform our experience of everyday life, to access this kind of deep peace, even while we are going about our regular days, from moment to moment? Every moment.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to truly live a sacred life?

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The whole universe is moving and all of us are moving in it and it moves through us, actually. The universe moves through us. Meditation can put us in touch with that place so that living out of that original creativity becomes our daily routine—not the extraordinary moment.

There are tools people have practiced over many thousands of years that allow us to do this.

These contemplative practices are designed, in a way, to guide us back to a place where our life becomes essential moment to moment as we walk it. They allow us to cleanse our busy, troubled minds, purify our awareness, and return to the sacred.

But practices such as meditation and mindfulness have become fashionable and modernized. And of course, using these tools to be more present and help us achieve our goals and do what we need to do in our lives is important and good. But, in doing so, we have tended to strip them of their deeper power and significance.

We have turned the contemplative practices into acts of doing and achieving rather than being and embodying. We are missing the greater intelligence, the higher principle within meditation itself and other contemplative practices like it.

We have forgotten that these practices teach us about the nature of grace and blessing, give us an opportunity to practice humility and listen to our inner insight, to access intuition and inspiration, to connect to a much bigger driving force than our own egos—the creativity of the whole universe.

The beginning of meditation actually just functions like a detox for our psyches and nervous systems, because we are so full of information, entertainment, activity. It’s as if we’ve charged up our batteries for such a long time, and now that they’re finally allowed to discharge, it’s a deep relief and decompression for the system.

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And, even just on this level, meditation is a crucial tool to learn because of how the world continues to speed up. Our psyches and nervous systems are more bombarded than ever with the speed of data.

In the beginning of meditation, we get the feeling of “Okay, I’m more present right now. I’m aware of my thoughts and what’s going on around me,” but then we start to sense that there is a deeper, inner, feeling of spaciousness or silence, stillness, and expansion beyond mere presence and awareness. We have a brief insight like, “Wow, there’s much more than my regular day-to-day consciousness.”

That is the second stage of meditation.

This is where we can develop higher spiritual levels in ourselves that induce awakening experiences, so that we see that there is a much bigger field of consciousness beyond our individuality and persona that we’re embedded in. We can discover that there’s a whole web of life that we are a part of and that the level of separation that we live in and call “normal” is only one way to perceive reality. We suddenly feel more connected, more whole, more unified.

For many of us, this experience is the fuel to really sit and practice every day. It’s what keeps us going until the next opening experience happens.

Meditation is a whole science, developed over thousands of years. We are not usually going to access its deepest secrets without practice.

For most of us, truly accessing and abiding in this second stage requires guidance from a teacher, or master. And crucially, a connection to a greater community of practitioners.


In this spirit, Thomas Hübl is offering a free global, online event which even seasoned and advanced practitioners will find beneficial.

It’s also for you if you want to connect more deeply to your innate capacity for insight and creativity, live more “in the flow” of life, access a deeper state of peaceful being, and tap into the well of universal grace, blessings, and guidance that is open to all of us.

A gifted teacher and visionary, Thomas has that rare ability to demystify the seemingly obscure and complex, and to speak directly to our own deeper wisdom.

“Thomas brings me a greater depth of understanding and more effective practical tools than any other spiritual teacher I have encountered.” ~ Reetta R., Orinda, California

Learn how to live a sacred life with spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl. 

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