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November 14, 2018

Heartbreak: What it Truly Teaches Us

Many of us have been there. Some, more than they would like to share! Left to dwell in feelings of angst, misery, and love lost (or sometimes, in the feeling that it was never gained).

Yet, after time passes, we either learn to eventually accept it, and hope to have enough heart left to try again, or, proceed in taking an unnecessary amount of time to cope. In the coping, we may also fear or avoid new offerings of love, have areas of mistrust cropping up, and also no longer want to feel vulnerable with others. These emotions, keep us dwelling in the loss, instead.

It is common knowledge that we, as humans, are far too familiar with heartbreak, loss and failure. That there is actually much comfort in the dwelling, in the complaining, and in that nagging feeling that our heart wants more – yet, we are not wanting to listen to the very heart that introduced us to that heartbreak to begin with!

Now, this writing is not intended to drudge up more hurt, or beat you up about the heartbreak you endured, it is written to help you in fully understanding that you can, at any point of your choosing, move up and out of the heartbreak.

We ARE always exactly where our hearts want us to be, and we are, truly, only offered what we are able to handle. No one else has been through what you have been! So, take some time, right now, to appreciate yourself. For all you have transgressed. For all you have risen up from. For all you are today!

And, just as the sun always rises, love will return… whether you want it to or not! Ask yourself now, are you open to love? Or, do you feel some hesitation at the very mentioning of the very word?

If you are open to making a step towards opening to love, and leaving all heartbreak in your tracks, I have a declaration for you!

Why a declaration? All past experiences can be remolded and risen up from, with the simple uttering of words, that are right for you. I find that declarations are a great way to re-align your mind with your heart. When said with confidence, your declaration WILL become reality.

Hint, hint: Should you stutter, cough, or find the words not flowing smoothly… this is a sign that you are either making a declaration that doesn’t fully suit you, or, it is not right for you, yet. Trust that if you have the want to say it, but, only the need to change the words, go forth and do so with confidence! You will know what is best for you!

The declaration is as follows:

‘I AM all that I AM, and in being all that I am I now declare that I am ready to explore love, once again. I ask for help in remaining balanced, when interacting with future others, and I will proceed with trust that my heart will only offer me new interactions, that I am prepared and suited to face. I also trust that these others, that I will find sharing time with me, are set in place to help me understand more about myself, in relating to others and in providing me with more insight as to my own heart in correlation. Thank you heart, for your guidance now.’

You see, the truth about why we face heartbreak, simply put, is that it is a teaching of understanding, and it, in time, is set in place to bring forth awareness of what we TRULY need for ourselves (in relation to our deepest and most heart based needs).

All these others, that have contributed to our learning’s of heartbreak, are reminders of what no longer suits us.

I bet if you introspect, once you are comfortable in re-visiting the heart break, you will find that you already knew, even then, that this other was not perfectly suited for you, fully, but love came anyhow. When in love, we often overlook things, that may feel unimportant at the time, but later we learn otherwise. These insights can also help one heal their heart enough to move on too!

Going even further into the truth about heartbreak… all others that we encounter, in our intimate relationships, or, our missed chances, get us that much closer to our rightful partner – should we have chosen to find one for ourselves in this lifetime.

And, I promise you, from my own personal experience (and, in being a girl that has been with much heartbreak), when you finally find that one other, destined to be in union with you, only then will you fully understand that all other interactions (the personalities, the differences, and the odd little knowings you already have set in place to remind you of the right one when you finally meet them) were just teachings, to get you acclimated, to be better able to couple with this other. In all honesty, your destined partner may not be someone you would initially want, but through your past learning’s in having been with others, you quickly see they are all you’ve ever needed! This is unconditional love.

So, take what is needed from this writing, and trust your heart already knows why you faced heartbreak. And, should you like further insight, and for your own heart to share that with you now, just declare:

‘Dear heart, please provide me with the understandings as to why I have been met with heartbreak. I will listen. Guide me, and offer me new teachings as to how I can live in better connection to my heart, and with the clarity and insight needed, to better adjust to all the new teachings that will now find me. Thank you.’

Then, prepare for your heart to respond through images, a voice from deep within, through strange conversations with others, or, through signs that will be prompted via other outlets! By whatever means, the insight will find you, once declared, in a way right for you.

Other than that, if you can accept all you’ve gone through as being needed for your own growth and evolution here, then you are already in good-standings to move along, with heart, and to re-acclimate to more experiences of love to come!

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