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December 29, 2018

A New Year’s Resolution That Changed My Life.

Last New Year’ Eve was one of the best in my life. Ever since I moved to New York City, New Year’s Eve is usually packed with activities and parties. However, last year was particularly great because good things were to follow. I had plans to travel abroad. I was in line for a promotion. Maybe even try to move into a nicer apartment.

New Year’s Eve went great and so did the first few weeks. My new year’s resolutions were looking more doable than ever before until an unprecedented bump in the road came. My company made layoffs and unfortunately I was among them. It was super shocking and upsetting. However, I was determined to carry on.

I immediately started looking for jobs but it took three weeks to secure my first interview. I gave several interviews but to no avail. During this time, I ended up spending what I had saved up for my trip. All of my plans were failing so quickly and it was only the first quarter of the year.

Before this calamity, I was a frivolous spender. I did not think about saving so much until I wanted a new phone or travel. I never expected that I would need this money in my dark hours. But life had to teach me a lesson. Now, I started becoming really frugal. I discovered minimalism. I also discovered coupons.

Groceries seemed so expensive when I was without work. I just did not want to spend any more money on groceries. I remember my mom using coupons when I was little and always raving about them. I did not know the first thing about it. I just got a local magazine to look for coupons just like my mom did. And to my surprise, there were some good coupons. I saved exactly $20 the next time I went shopping for groceries. I was ecstatic because I knew I could buy a nice meal from this money.

I finally landed a job after two and a half months. However, by the time I was a changed person. I knew saving money for the rainy day is super important. I realized I need to watch my expenses. And the best part was I discovered how to save money on purchases using coupons.

After grocery coupons, I also discovered online coupons for apparels from sites like ClothingRIC and Before this eye-opening period, I just ignored the ‘Enter promo code’ text box on the checkout page. But now I hunt for coupons until I have found one that is valid. Even if I can save $5 on an order, I want to. If anything I want to save every penny I can on the things I purchase.

My New Year’s Resolution

So owing to this year’s life-changing experience of living without work in a city that is super expensive, I have very different resolution this year for the upcoming year.

  • Don’t Overspend

We spend so much money on things we absolutely do not need. On top of that, we buy those things at full price. Unless it is a crazy good deal, I am not going to spend a penny on things I do not need.

  • Use Coupons

Coupons are amazing as you can save a decent amount of money in the long run. Many people like me used to think what a discount of five bucks would do. Well, when you have absolutely no money you will realize how much those five bucks are. You won’t believe that recently I even got my mattress using coupons.

Whether you are shopping at a store or online, it would be best to search for coupons to save as much as you can.

Open a Savings Account

I am going to finally be an adult about this and start my savings account this New Year. When I start saving money every month, I want to keep it in a safe place and keep a tab on it. Plus, once the money increases I will get start getting interest as well.

My Recommendation for the New Year

Every year we make resolutions for the New Year, many of which are unrealistic and unachievable. How about a resolution that you can actually keep up? Savings are extremely important. Many Americans simply do not have any savings. However, you can change that around for yourself.

For me, it was a bad experience of unemployment that opened my eyes. Do not wait for something like that to happen to you and start saving. There are so many ways to save money today, coupons being one of them. Do not be shy or lazy about using a coupon.

When shopping online, always look for coupon codes for that particular store on coupon websites. If you can save money on shipping, do it. Anyway you can walk away with saving on your purchases, you should do it.

If you are not good with managing your money, get an app that helps you budget. One more trick is to keep some money aside as soon as you get your salary. Then use the remaining money for bills, groceries, entertainment etc.

Your life will drastically change if you make savings your resolution this year. It will take time and effort but a few years from now you will be richer than right now. And who knows you can do whatever you wanted to do all this while. Quit your job and travel. Start your own business. Buy your kids a better education.

So what is going to be your New Year’s resolution now?

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