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December 5, 2018

How to Cure Exhaustion

We used to have an apple tree in our backyard.
It produced fruit that was a wonderful balance of tart and sweet. But one season – no apples. Over a period of months, the leaves shriveled. Then I found it, one morning, toppled over on the ground. Gophers had chewed through the roots.

The fruit of life comes from being rooted. It’s true for the tree and it’s true for you and I.

But what does it mean for you to be rooted?
Being rooted means being connected to your soul values. Because soul values are the source of passion and purpose in your life.

When you’re connected to and living your soul values – your life has an intrinsic sense of meaning and purpose. Then, even if you’re physically tired, you’re not exhausted – you’re tired and happy.

There’s a bone-deep satisfaction that comes from allowing the energy and inspiration of soul values to move through you into the world. Because soul values aren’t abstractions.

Soul values aren’t abstract ideas.
Soul values like beauty, truth, love, and service aren’t dry concepts. They are living, breathing, energetic qualities that seek embodiment in and through your life. When you’re connected to soul values – you’re rooted in the rich ground of the soul.

What happens when you’re cut off from soul values?
Life becomes . . . well . . . lifeless. The meaning, purpose, energy, and juice drain away. You’re left with the empty form of your life. All the structures are there, all the activities, but you’re just going through the motions. It’s all surface – no depth. All form – no roots.

When your life is rootless – it’s not the gophers’ fault.
You know the gophers, right? Parents, partners, people in your life. It can appear as though they’re the ones who are chewing through your roots – toppling your tree. Uh uh.

You are your own gopher.
I am too. It’s not the world that is exhausting us. It’s our own disconnection from soul values. The world isn’t gnawing away at our soul – we are. And it’s exhausting.

(Please note: if you are feeling chronic fatigue and haven’t had a good night’s sleep for days – take a nap. Get rested. Eat a good meal and sleep some more. If you’re still exhausted after that – keep reading.)

The way back to your roots – the way to cure your chronic fatigue- is to be wholehearted.
To turn back towards your soul values and breathe them in. This will mean doing some digging; some burrowing into the soul. It’s not a thinking process. Not a strategy session. Your body is a more reliable guide when it comes to this digging into and returning to soul values than your mind.

Feel your way into what matters most.
It won’t be a surprise when you return to your soul values. They’ve been what matters most to you all along. The revelation isn’t in finding something new.

It’s in wholeheartedly embracing that which feeds your life.
Embracing is, as the word suggests, an act of tenderness and love. As you return to the roots of your soul, be gentle. Open your arms, open your heart, and take in that which has been waiting for you in the depths of your being.

As you open to your soul values, they open to you.
There is tremendous energy, creativity, and power encoded into your soul values. You gain access to this energy by being vulnerable, open, and receptive. Wholeheartedness isn’t just do it bravado. Wholeheartedness is more about gratitude than grandiosity.

Connect to your roots. The fruit will follow.

What does it mean for you to be wholehearted?
Where have you been your own gopher (disconnecting yourself from soul values)?
What’s a simple way for you to turn back towards what matters most?

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Love & Shanti,
E & D



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