January 4, 2019

Another Reason to Put CBD Where the Sun Don’t Shine. {Partner}

This post is offered in partnership with our friends at Foria—they’re on the cutting, caring edge of CBD, and we’re honored to share their work with you.  ~ ed.

CBD Suppositories Provide Safe and Natural Period Relief for Countless Women.

You may have heard that I like to have sex with plants, or that I like getting super high on CBD. Sex and drugs certainly are titillating topics, but at Foria we’re super excited about a topic that’s slightly less-sexy: menstrual cramps.

It all started when we launched our world-famous “weed lube.” We heard back from people with painful sexual health conditions (such as endometriosis and vulvodynia) that our “pleasure product” was also a potent pain-reliever! We responded by inventing the world’s first cannabis-infused menstrual suppository—Foria Relief—which worked even better than expected (and without the psychoactive buzz of smoking or eating cannabis).

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Women Discuss Foria’s Cannabis Menstrual Suppositories

Relief was an instant viral sensation—even cute cat videos can’t compete with “OMG MY CRAMPS R GONE U GUYZ!!!” Pretty soon everyone was talking about cannabis menstrual suppositories (…and because “cannabis menstrual suppositories” is a mouthful for some people, the goddess-awful nickname “weed tampons” caught on.)

We were thrilled that the entire world was talking about vaginal suppositories—on the internet, on the TV box, and in the gender neutral bathroom at work. There was just one problem: Relief is only available in California & Colorado dispensaries.

We fielded so many heartbreaking inquiries from women who were desperate for an alternative to Opioids, hormonal birth control, and Advil—all of which can have gnarly side-effects throughout the body—but we just couldn’t send them our suppositories, or else we risked a little thing known as Federal Prison.

But it’s 2019. Jeff Sessions is gone. The U.S. Farm Bill just legalized Hemp nationwide. Oregon is considering legalizing therapeutic use of magic mushrooms. And Foria’s menstrual suppositories are now shipping worldwide!

How We Did It…

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Elephant readers get a 25% discount with the code: EJ25

Although the THC in Foria Relief is highly effective, our understanding of how cannabinoids work during your period suggested that a mega-dose of CBD would work just as well. Relief has always had CBD (about 10mg of it, along with 60mg of THC), and after extensive testing, we figured out that the best dose for our new product was 100mg of CBD.

(Actually, to be accurate, it’s not just CBD. Our CBD contains a broad-spectrum of other cannabinoids and terpenes, since studies show it’s significantly better to use a variety of these plant compounds. Although you can find cheap “CBD” products, they’re made with a chemical isolate of CBD that just isn’t very effective. Buyer beware…)

As with all our products, we use only pristine, sustainably grown ingredients, including organic certified fairtrade cocoa butter—because who doesn’t love the rich aroma of real chocolate…especially when you’re on your period?

Do Foria’s CBD Suppositories Work for Everyone?

During formulation, we tested the suppositories with a large group of local fans. Eighty percent reported noticeable relief and said they’d definitely use Basics Suppositories again and would recommend to their friends. Just as many said the CBD-only suppositories were comparable with the THC and CBD variety—and they worked as well as or better than Advil or Motrin.

Similarly, nobody reported any side-effects—other than spontaneous dancing and joyous somersaults.

However, we did learn some important rules for using CBD suppositories:

  • Start Early: Cannabinoids work best on the first day of your cramps, or even a day or two earlier, to help prevent a chain reaction of inflammation and pain.
  • Refrigerate: A firm suppository holds its shape better, so you can insert it deeply before it starts melting.
  • Lie Down: This keeps the CBD oil where it’s needed—close to the cervix and uterine tissue, for direct absorption. Feel free to rest or to work in this position, but stay here for 15 minutes or longer. Depending on the tilt of your pelvis, you may find elevating your hips on a pillow keeps the CBD in the right area.
  • Tampon Trouble: Not everyone has time to lie down. If you’re on the go and inserting your suppositories with a tampon, remember that the tampon will sponge away some of the CBD oil. In this case we recommend using two suppositories together, so more actually gets absorbed by your body.

Is This Science? Or Woo?

Despite the recent trend of skeptical articles claiming that “CBD’s just a fad” and “very little has been proven yet,” there’s actually a ton of good research explaining why menstrual CBD suppositories work and how CBD suppositories can help with people with endometriosis. (There’s even research showing how CBD can help after menopause.)

And no matter what your gender, taking CBD suppositories rectally seems to be a great way to soothe local inflammation, pain, and tension (from sciatica to IBS) since the pelvis is a major crossroads for nerves and blood vessels, and CBD is especially good at relaxing muscle tension, enhancing tissue oxygenation, and unwinding overactivated pain receptors.

It’s an exciting moment in history, with new research coming out almost weekly, and we are actually honored to be contributing to some of that revolutionary science. This year, Foria will be partnering with a world-class research hospital and a Harvard Medical School professor on the world’s first medical study of an over-the-counter cannabis product.

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Elephant readers get a 25% discount with the code: EJ25

What Are People Saying?

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what our early testers and customers have to say…

Maryann, who works at a menstrual cup company, discusses her experience with CBD Suppositories.

“The best thing to happen to your uterus since…. anything honestly!” ~ Faith

“I honestly was a skeptic when I ordered these. I have bad menstrual cramps so I was willing to give almost anything an honest shot! They worked so well I had no cramps the entire day! Thanks for a wonderful product. It really works!” ~ Lisa

“I got these for my wife. She has vulvodynia and interstitial cystitis. She uses these when she is in a flare (pain). They take the flare from a 10 to a 2 in about an hour. Nothing has worked as well as these. They have saved her so many times since I discovered them. Thank you thank you thank you!” ~ D.K.

“Love these. I was able to function(!!!) on the Bad Day(!!!!!!!) and that’s amazing. Thanks again!” ~ Anon

“My pain and discomfort just faded away all of a sudden. Then there was the vaguest dull aching where there had been writhing debilitating pain.” ~ Anon

“When I took it before the onset of symptoms, I found it to be very effective for many hours.” ~ Anon

“Thank you so much for creating this product. It has truly reduced my cramps so much. I used to take so much ibuprofen each day (close to 1200mg) and now on the first day of my period I haven’t taken any! It truly works!” ~ Mahalia

“I have suffered with Endo and PCOS for my entire life. I have lived with constant pain, so I was excited to try them. As I write this, I am laying in bed right after having inserted the suppository; it’s the third day in a row that I’m using it as I know my period will start soon. It smells great, it feels gentle, and I feel it kind of also moisturizes my vagina, which is a pleasant outcome. But the best part of it is that it has actually helped me with the pain! This is huge for me!” ~ Bruna

I Want My CBD! I Want My THC!

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Despite the available treatments for the pain and inflammation of menstrual cramps, billions of women still suffer through their periods. The time is long past due for an effective, natural & safe alternative for the countless women who suffer silently for decades of their lives. This year, one of the many things we’re grateful for is that the healing wisdom of our plant allies are finally being recognized and that women’s health and pain are finally being taken seriously.

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