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January 3, 2019

Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs

If you need a break, respect your guts shouting unceasingly and go rest your overthinking-brain: enjoy your day doing nothing or valuing things and beings that you really love, rather than populate the workplace with people that mechanically respond to every task for no better reason besides waiting for the money in the end of the month.

Research shows that we need to take a break and decompress so we can be at our best at work—and at home.

Maybe we should ask if the life we’re working so hard to create is fun to live.

When’s the last time you disconnected and took a vacation? 

Go cut all the meaningless connection at least for while, just for recharging your soul and feel the wholeness of your body in silence. A work detox can refresh our senses, cleansing our mental health, improving an internal stability more and better than any other way to survive. Live, instead. Create. Or didn’t you have enough answers yet?

Paola Benevides

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