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February 7, 2019

Create a Beautiful Backyard Through Organic Gardening

There is nothing more fulfilling than well-maintained garden landscaping.  The garden should be visually appealing and evoke emotions in people.  The best gardens bring peace and contentment.  It is important to take a look at certain elements of successful gardening.

Does Your Garden Stand Out?

Many people have gardens, yet only a few gardens truly stand out.  A garden really looks unusually attractive when the planner has paid great attention to small details.  Be mindful of color and space in particular to cause a garden to stand out.  Place benches and resting areas with great care.

Purposes of Top-Notch Garden Landscaping

Perhaps the garden will be a place for children to play.  Or maybe the opposite:  it is meant to be a quiet respite for adults.  A family garden could incorporate elements of both.  Take the purpose of the garden into account when doing garden landscaping.

What Makes Garden Landscaping Gorgeous?

Garden landscaping looks truly gorgeous when all the details come together in a way that is harmonious to the eye.  Sometimes this is achieved by allowing the garden to have a wild look.  Other times this is accomplished through a very disciplined, neat garden appearance.  Personal preference does play a part in how the garden is developed.

Beautiful garden landscaping is no accident.  It is a result of qualities that cause the garden to be outstanding.  Gorgeous gardening landscaping can serve many purposes or it can be merely for the pleasure of the owner.  Many people for instance, do not know how beautiful edible plants can truly be.  A fertile backyard gardening plot can be not only practical and healthy, but lovely as well.  A colorful plot for the cultivation of organic food is attractive to behold and fun to work.  Organic gardening creates a beautiful as well as bountiful backyard and one easy way to do this is with herb cultivation.


One herb that is perfect for both ornamental and edible purposes is basil.  There are many strains to select from, but some of them have little purple flowers that are gorgeous in a backyard.  Other types of basil are deeply red, as in the Red Lettuce Leaved Basil.  The taste of basil makes dishes distinct and basil is highly coveted in gourmet cooking.


Chamomile is easily recognized by the pretty white flowers with yellow centers.  Chamomile may be dried and made into teas as it has very relaxing properties.  It is a wonderful custom to drink chamomile tea before bed so as to sleep well.  The chamomile flowers look pretty growing wildly in the backyard.


When it comes to ornamental herbs do not forget chives.  The flowers are pink and edible, as are the leaves.  Many people enjoy putting them in salads.  The taste of chives is distinct and can really add flavor to a salad.  The flowers provide a charming dash of pink to a yard and they add to a vibrant color scheme.


Most varieties of mint are green, although there is one called lemon mint that has purple flowers.  These can definitely function as cut flowers and they may be used to make mint tea.  Mint has a freshness and a unique smell that many find totally refreshing, so this herb is an excellent addition to a backyard garden that is ornamental.  For edible varieties try spearmint.

The above are great selections for anyone who wants a beautiful backyard through organic gardening.  It is a great idea to select herbs for this purpose.  Basil, chamomile, chives and mint are terrific choices and have many uses.  Not only are these herbs edible but they are lovely to look upon.  Many of them have medicinal properties as well.  Herbs are a good starting point for a lovely backyard through organic gardening.


Lovejoy, A. (2001) Ann Lovejoy’s Organic Design School.  Emmaus, PA: Rodale

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