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February 12, 2019

Law of Attraction

There is no law, is only a case of attention. The case is such that the case for it being a law is attractive, which in turn is its attraction. Desire is attractive for its ability to impact and impress upon our attention. The intention is irrelevant because the attention in itself has no quality of its own. Attraction seems to bear its own quality, which is how it is relative and comparable. Attention is not a matter of quality, hence is not subject to a law of qualities. It is a necessary factor to exist, and existence can appear attractive. The law of attraction is a case of unqualified attention, and the law of attention is to attend to it to know.

Attention reveals everything to you. I am only speaking of this because you are attractive to your self. It is my attention to my reality which makes its attractiveness apparent, and so can be your attention to this title which is determining the attractiveness of our subject. The subject is you, and you are not personified as a citizen to a law. Attention of the reality to your own reality will make the case clear, and be as attractive as you ought it to be. The law is predicated on attention, is particularly not about attracting anything. Pay attention now.

If attention is mature to a point where a ripe fruit falls off the tree by itself, then the fallen fruit is naturally attractive to one finding it. If the fruit is perceived as an attractive commodity, then the joy of walking into the ripe, sweet, fruit is missed. Then the pursuit is for attracting and extracting juice. The attention is unattractive as a trait to sharpen, test, and practice anymore for the sake of it, but merely a tool for use and throw. A higher ideal of attractiveness is where attention is on, and is uninspiring, and the beginning of false – is termed also as a law of attraction. This buys the ignorance another lease of time. Time is the only commodity worth anything, and is also beyond terms and laws of trade. It is the commodity on which the attention is running on, and will also run out of. Time makes attention attractive, and realigns attention towards what’s really attractive in that moment, depending on how intently attention has been made aware of its aliveness.

Attractiveness has been a proven proxy to serve human desire; that can be the truth of it, but there needn’t be a law around that. It is attention that is constantly following the ball in a tennis game, or being traded in the marketplace. The winner of the match, or the price of that stock, is attractive as a by-product of that attention, which too is contingent on some attention to be contextually real. The law is just this much. Attend to that, and not much.

Yuvraj Goswami is the author of No Point Talking. available on amazon. Excerpts are on and @nopointtalking on Instagram.

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