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February 27, 2019

Return to Soul – A Transformation Guide to Spiritual Freedom INTRODUCTION

A small inner voice kept urging the grief-stricken mother on … ‘There is an answer … a Truth … Don’t give up…’
Making sense of life and death is something most humans one day ponder, and many just give up. But not Robyn Collins, an ordinary housewife who faced a full-on existential crisis when, in grief and anger at the death of her newborn daughter, she rejected the senseless explanations of the local clergy.

What followed was a diverse journey through the doors of various spiritual teachers and modalities of the East and West where she ultimately found a common thread and simple message for all. Be amazed by Robyn’s mystical encounters that transformed her through a new awakening and a journey to her Soul, where she also learned whose voice had been guiding her all the way.

The seeking is over. Learn evolutionary keys to unlock your own journey to Soul through Robyn’s simple but transformative insights, practices and meditations.

Return to Soul – a Transformational Guide to Spiritual Freedom, True Peace and Inner Stillness. This message is a communication from spirit guiding humanity into embodying the Souls true nature of Freedom, Peace and Stillness through foundations of meditation, presence and inquiry.  Robyn was remarkably guided from a vision shown to her from the infinite universal intelligence of non dual wisdom based on waking up to our true nature of love, unity and peace …“something” vaster than the everyday concept of the human mind.

“Illuminating, compassionate, and compelling … a must-read for those new on the spiritual path, the disenchanted seeker and the advanced soul.”

– Tenzin Saveon, Tibetan Buddhist Nun

“Robyn’s message is a response to the call of the heart and soul with words that invite us home to the reality and truth of our being. It is everything the world needs to hear for today’s modern awakening.”

– Kevin James Carroll, Musician and Song Writer



With the constant quickening of consciousness, science, media, technology, and the digital world ahead of us, it is time to quicken our spiritual connections for a new era of evolutionary enlightenment. Just as technology has evolved, so too has spirituality. The simple spiritual truths presented here in Return to Soul are now instantly accessible, uncomplicated, clear and direct, with no specialness or frills. I will begin by saying that now you can stop the seeking at whatever stage you are at, one week in or fifty years in. It is time for a shorter, simpler path.

Deep within every human spirit there is a search unfolding for a new understanding of why we are here and the question: Who Am I? That is where my own journey began after the sudden death of my newborn baby daughter, Taylor, which plunged me into a chasm of grief, depression, and inner chaos. I never imagined that the existential crisis I then went through would precipitate a journey of awakening, where I was to traverse both ancient Eastern philosophies and Western theories of modern day positive psychology that would ultimately result in amazing mystical experiences, exquisite inner peace, profound clarity, freedom, and a spiritual awakening.

To help you understand and experience your own questioning and inquiry about the journey that we all participate in, sometimes unknowingly, I will present to you in Part One—A Soul’s Journey various aspects of my healing and spiritual journey where I literally had to journey back to the original source of the soul to find the answers. An unusual twist is that I realized the yearning for a deeper understanding of Truth and the voice within me guiding me was actually the untainted, pure soul of Taylor. A deeper reason for Taylor’s short physical presence in my life was ultimately unveiled—to guide me to the greatest knowledge of all pertaining to the true nature of the soul and my spiritual awakening.

There are many stories told about communication from the afterlife or people who have had near-death experiences. Most afterlife, proof-of-death messages are presented via a being who is, for example, a relative or friend of the living who had a conditioned identification. This message is different in its approach as it comes directly from Taylor’s Pure Soul, a Pure Being that had not learnt to identify herself as a walking, talking, female child who had lived through the human experience. So I never once saw her standing at a door, hovering over me or talking to me, and neither has a psychic medium picked up on her presence.

All we had in common was a Presence of undefiled pure, innocent, pristine Love. She only ever came to me through my heart and an inner, silent, intuitive knowing which, at times, has made the message from spirit a bit difficult to translate. If she could have ‘spoken’ to me like other spirits, things would have been a lot easier. But I am forever grateful that, when the message was finally written, it remained as pure as her heart and soul.

Don’t get me wrong; losing Taylor was the hardest, most painful experience I have ever been through, and I don’t wish it on anyone. It took several years of grief and anguish and then earnest searching to make sense of what had happened—to find the meaning of life and to the path to the Soul. But I always had the inner voice of my soul urging me to remain one hundred and ten percent vigilant, determined, and passionate to know the Truth about life and death, why we are here, what life is all about, and who I really am.
As difficult as it may be to believe some aspects of my story to follow, do know that I always remained in constant discernment throughout the journey, analyzing myself and what was occurring. If anyone would have tried to tell me that experiences like this were possible, I probably would have said, “You’ve lost it and you’ve gone weird.” However, because I see myself as a level-headed, educated woman who has witnessed and experienced such healing and freedom for myself, I cannot, for one moment, doubt that there is so much more to spirituality than what we are conditioned to believe.

The stories about the visions and meetings that occurred in my past, which I share in Part One—A Soul’s Journey, were highly relevant to my journey to freedom. Yet they are now part of history and are no longer a requirement for the message of hope, transformation, and enlightenment that I share today. However, I mention them in the opening chapters for those who travel the esoteric pathway. Today, the message is direct and simple and a clear announcement of Truth for all walks of life, and it no longer requires an emphasis based on any particular religious or New Age model.

Although I cannot pinpoint just one philosophy as the most effective practice, it was clear on my diverse journey into many faiths and modalities that there was an essential thread running through them all. I knew I had to discover that one thread and create a simple message that could assist me and others in refining all the wonderful theories and practices that I had endured on my path. And I did. The goal then was to present a contemporary understanding of ancient and modern spiritual truths that is practically applicable and works.

In Part Two—Soul Transformation I will share with you the practices, insights, meditations, and invitations of inquiry based on the guidance, visions, and wisdom gathered from my twenty-one year spiritual journey. These practices do not create co-dependency on another distracting method; they enable you to be totally free and awake. They are there for you to explore and discover a deep sense of inner peace, presence, and stillness.

Part Three—Soul Awakening guides you to the final stages of ego transcendence and spiritual freedom, into the liberating relationship with the essence of the soul’s true nature as a foundation in conscious evolution.
For clarity, let me explain that when I use the word God it is a metaphor for the Universal Consciousness, not a person or thing. When I use the word Truth or True Nature it is a metaphor for that which is permanent and changeless awareness, and when I use the word Self it is a metaphor for Pure Soul. You will also find that the words Soul and soul are interchanged throughout the book. The Soul (large ‘S’) represents Spirit, the first extension and movement from the first moment of the coming of existence or the ‘big bang’ whereas ‘soul’ (small’s’) in this case represents the soul in individual human embodiment.

Your experience of life may be different to mine, but this journey we will now go on together will unite us in the spirit of Pure Love as we re-learn who we truly are and what our purpose is here on Earth. Please join me as I share my journey and the Truth I discovered. May this be a significant step in your own discovery and Awakening as you Return to Soul—a journey to true, inner peace and freedom.


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