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February 7, 2019

The Electric Couple : not all women are from Venus, and not all men are from Mars

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Love is. Love is what moves the world, for good, or for worse.

It is in the love spectrum where we see each other’s tones; it is love the grand mirror of the self. How I love myself teaches others how to love me. How I say I do will open cycles that, when they end, teach us about who we are, so we can start again. We love because We are love, but to know how to love so we are loved in the exact ways that we want to be loved, is a matter of consciousness. And consciousness, as the Holy Science teaches us, is in a cyclic relationship with the Sun, who whose cosmic science is known as the Electric Couple.

Why we are affected? Because according to science, holy and modern, we humans are known for being electro-magnetic beings and as everything else in the Universe we are pure vibration and vibrate in resonance, or dissonance, with other electro magnetic fields, such as the Electric Couple, in which the Sun illuminates our consciousness.

This Feb 14th, when we find ourselves contemplating our relationship with love lets stay in our Sun light, so we can relate in awareness of Brahma, the universal magnetism. Brahma regulates dharma, the mental virtue of the internal world. Here we are pure creative power. Let’s love like the Sun.

In the Galaxy, the Sun (Consciousness) as seen from western calculations is transiting through Aquarius, in the romance house. Aquarius is known for vibrating the mind as the free thinker, the innovator, the revolutionary. Unique and different, it’s cycles are all about Uranus, the planet that activates radical change. These year, as we think about that which brings us inner stability and nurtures us, Uranus will be about to leave Aries on March 6th, activating the senses as it transits to Taurus and inviting us to change radically our idea of stability, while the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn has us thinking about how imperative is to of release those structures that serve no more, if we want to evolve our actions (karma) until we feel at home with ourselves. You’ll discover in your contemplation that is best to observe our sensations, and honor how we feel, as we stay focused on our breath, specially if emotions feel in conflict with what we, consciously, want to do different. A clear mind illuminated by the electric impulse to be unique and honor our individuality, will be helping conscious communication. While we might feel tense if being conscious conflicts with our desire to attract, being aware of our own light can be the insight that helps us grow in our search for meaning, our search for truth, and expand our freedom, activating our natural magnetism.

Freedom, whether we are committed to a partner, or single, still benefits structure and effort. As we illuminate in consciousness our long term goals, effort is key, requiring for us to let go of rules that block our evolution, freedom takes responsibility. It can be challenging to let go of traditions, but this Valentine might make us happy if we do just that, by releasing our attachment to society’s “must be” and inspire the collective with your new consciousness.

The collective is cheering for your revolution.

As we illuminate our consciousness, a sense of Destiny can be felt, and cupid might use that to conquer our hearts, and that might challenge our awareness regarding how to take care of our own needs in a nurturing way.

Staying with the breath, observing our sensations, clears past energy helping strategy harmonize with that which we want to do different. Commitment takes awareness, and wholesome awareness can be challenging, if what we are committing to feels like a repetition of that which we already know, consciously, needs radical change. Whether you are celebrating your commitment, or wondering why you can’t seem to commit, letting go of rigidity can make space for love.

The cosmic alignments this Valentine tell us that relationships can feel the stress of this day, as our consciousness illuminates an innovative way to express ourselves and make love last. Our emotions (the moon) change with our cycles, and might require adjustment as we feel we have no other choice but to change. To observe our breath and our sensations as a loving way to give your presence to those with whom you relate, we can see things as they really are, and not only as we want them to be. This inspire us to be still, and realize that love is everywhere, everything is love, as this insight arises we can make our choices from a perspective of wisdom, hence activating our magnetism and naturally making “I” the grand center, beneficially attracting that which vibrates towards our inner Universe.

This Valentine day, whether in relationship with another, or purely in relationship with ourselves, we can tend to that inner Universe, cultivate love so love shall love us the way we en-joy to be loved.

Venus, the planet that electrifies attraction by the principle of desire, on Valentine’s day will be in harmonic union to the Sun, inviting you to think you are in love, and will also be harmonizing your feelings helping you to balance as you love, but it will also be challenging love itself and questioning what love really means in the spectrum of the natural laws of attraction. Whatever you desire can be amplified as you embrace the search for meaning, as you release your attachment to how things “should be” and relax your “rules”, Venus can help you that day to love responsible and establish structure in the art of love, so it benefits your long term goals. Neptune, the planet that electrifies our understanding of unconditional love, by activating our spirit and reminding us of our dream, will also have the power to poke you to escape, and blur the boundaries that give your structure, perhaps a day to spend in loving retreat, if celebrating love that day with the collective means to an embrace with our addictions. We can trust that our transformational energy will allow us to go under the surface to explore the shadow of desire, and transform our consciousness; so the day cupid is freely flirting we can make it back to the light of what love is, looking for balance in our struggle with our desire to relate, and finding beauty in the opposition of our desire to our public image.

Mars, the planet of action, will be ready to act on our opinions and ideas, which on this day are illuminated by the consciousness of our individuality; our actions can feel as a challenge to our freedom in the search of truth, but individuality will be feeling an electric impulse to act with genius and act differently. Our actions can feel unclear and foggy, inviting us to better blur consciousness and hide our light; to transform might not be an easy action, and our actions can be in conflict with our evolution by making it hard to let go of that which does not serve us anymore. Actions will be in touch with that old wound that never seems to heal, but that by trying heals others. So let’s heal. What ever we do, inspired by our curiosity, will create waves and give rise to events outside of our perspective, like a butterfly effect.

Lets breath, lets observe our sensations, stay focused on our breath, stay present, be noble. Remember that there are only two kind of sensations, happy sensations and unhappy sensations; either we like what we feel, or we dislike it. As we stay focused on our breath, our sensations are the most conscious compass to love. When we feel unhappy sensations, lets observe them without judgment and reaction, when we feel happy sensations, lets observe them without judgment and reaction. They too shall pass. To Be equanimous, is the purest kind of love.

As we innovate, for a new cycle, lets honor love, love does never end, it only transforms, thus we can always start again. So, start again. Be Love.

As we illuminate our “free thinker” genius consciousness, we will be happy to see as we open our hearts to love that not all women are from Venus and not all men are from Mars.

Happy Valentine, means be happy in love.



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