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February 22, 2019

The Ultimate Zen-Inspired Bedroom for a Yoga Lover.

Spending so much time at work means we need a safe haven at home and a place where we can relax, recuperate and feel better.

Most people believe their bedroom is the perfect spot for that, as the most welcoming and comfortable space in their entire home. This is particularly true if you’re into yoga, so you need a spot where you can enjoy your hobby on a daily basis. That’s why you should embrace the spirit of Zen and not be afraid to explore different decorating techniques that might give you even more comfort than you’ve expected. Combining the love of yoga with the power of Zen décor could easily be the best mixture you’ve ever seen, so here’s how to create the ultimate bedroom for a yoga lover in just a few easy steps.

Declutter and clear out

Decorating your living space in accordance with any design principle is neither easy nor cheap, but there’s one amazing thing about Zen-based design – it’s basically free if you do everything on your own! The first thing you have to do is remember that Zen is all about empty and clean space, so you have to clear everything out and declutter your bedroom before doing anything else. Throw away everything you don’t need or use, and stick with only the most important things.

Even though it sounds like a lot of work, decluttering an entire room isn’t hard at all, and all you have to do it get properly organized and know what you’re trying to achieve. Sort everything you have into several piles – the stuff that stays, stuff that goes, stuff that can be donated and stuff that can be sold – and then keep only the first pile. Other stuff should leave your bedroom and never come back if you want to ensure it remains decluttered and Zen in the years to come as well.

Pick some simple furniture

Once you clear everything from your bedroom, it’s time to bring back the furniture, but not just any furniture. If you wish to make it completely Zen, you should stick with furniture that’s clean, simple and easy to maintain. In other words, this is another opportunity to make a selection and remove unnecessary pieces of furniture from your bedroom.

Ultimately, the things you need in here are your bed, a nightstand and a closet, and that’s literally it! Everything else is optional and doesn’t really have to be there, which means your bedroom will become more Zen than ever if you remove all that excess furniture.

Make room for your favorite hobby

Lots of Zen lovers around the world are also huge fans of yoga and appreciate what it means for their mental and physical health, giving them a chance to regain their inner peace and take their mind off everyday things. Therefore, it’s only natural to blend these two things together into one design philosophy.

Giving yourself your own yoga spot is a must if you love practicing it, so you should organize and furnish your room with this space in mind. What this means in practice is leaving enough room for your yoga mat on the floor instead of cramming all your furniture together. You should also consider getting a rich jute rug that will help you define the space and give you all the freedom in the world to explore your love for yoga in your bedroom whenever you want.

Use calming colors

Whether you’re practicing yoga or just trying to relax, you should be surrounded by colors that calm you down and make you tranquil. This is why so many people prefer earthly tones and opt for grey, beige and even white when repainting their bedroom walls. These colors may seem uninspiring and boring at first, but they’re actually more relaxing than you can imagine.

Another idea you should explore is creating a combination of two colors on your walls. This might be a bit harder to achieve if you’re doing the painting on your own, but it’s not impossible. All you have to do is pick one of the walls and two matching colors, and then transform your wall by painting stripes on it. This way, you’ll add even more tranquility into your bedroom, but also a dose of diversity and excitement, and that’s always appreciated.

As you can see, turning your bedroom into a safe haven for all Zen lovers and yoga fans isn’t as hard as it seems at first. Just remember to keep things simple and unique, and you’re going to be all right. And, of course, give yourself enough space on the floor for all your favorite yoga poses – that’s the only way to make the most of your passion and turn it into a hobby that makes you a happier, healthier and more balanced individual.

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