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February 5, 2019

To All My Sisters

To all my sisters that have stayed too long in a relationship that hurt
And to all my sisters that are currently in one

You are forgiven.


To all my sisters that can’t find work they are passionate about

Or don’t know where to start


You will.


To all my sisters that have accepted the mistreatment of their yoni

Whether consciously or not


You are beautiful


To all my sisters who have yet to experience her first orgasm

And to those who have yet to see her personal power


You are so, so, deeply loved.


To all my sisters feeling lost

Upholding an image that they have it all together


You are not alone


To all my sisters who have lost ahold of her self esteem

Who’s boundaries have been crossed so many times

That you don’t even know where to begin to gain your wild-woman nature back


We are here for you.


We are here for one another, to rise together

Because no woman is an island


Isolated within the confines of her own fears


No woman is a beating heart

Without a soul.


A woman is a cry

A tear away from liberation.


To all my sisters,

Take that fearful first step

And let her unfold before you.

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