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March 1, 2019

7 Apps to Help You with Meditation and Mindfulness

With so much on everyone’s plate in our routines, it is quite usual to feel stressed. It always feels like there’s never enough time to deal with all the challenges life throws at us. This dissatisfaction and stress lead to an unhappy lifestyle ending up into frustration. It is difficult to acknowledge the presence of stress and even harder to cope with its effects. Meditation is a technique of focusing one’s mind to something eventually achieving a calm mental state. It is an age-old practice and is deemed to help calm the otherwise rushing nerves.

It is a way to train your mind emotionally just as working out trains your body physically. Meditation is like sports; a group of activities not just a single one. In this day and age of technology and fast internet services like fios internet plans to support their usage, it is easier to access new, quick and better ways to de-stress and calm yourself. We have compiled a list (In no particular order) of the best de-stressing and mindfulness apps of 2018 so far, let’s plunge into it already;


A meditation and stress releasing app that helps you train your brain through sessions supported by animations that can help in focusing better. You can track your progress and days you spent meditating. Invite your friends to tag along in this mental developmental journey.

The app was given 4.5-star above rating both on Android and iOS with a free sign-up and trial, you can later subscribe to unlock the pro features after use. So pick up your mobile device and download the app to make your days relaxed and more fulfilling. The user reviews claim the app to be a complete genius and a life changer in helping them de-stress and other issues like insomnia.

The Mindfulness App

With a 4.3-star rating on Android, the Mindfulness app comes with the slogan of Meditation for Everyone. The app offers a variety of options to choose from in order to suit a variety of meditators. The app has a 5-day guided trial, silent time sessions of up to 30 minutes, periodic reminders, and premium meditation services.

The idea behind making this app was to bring a reminding clock to the meditators, making sure they didn’t break the routine amidst their busy lives along with a number of meditation options with world-renowned experts. The app comes with a free trial version and you can subscribe to the premium version, later on, to unlock better features and services.


Calm comes with the objective of helping people to relax, meditate and sleep better. Their mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place which is taken away by the daily stressors in our lives. Calm has been given a 4.6-star rating on Android and is also available on iOS. Approximately 0.2 million Apple users called it “The happiest app” in a recent study conducted. The app was founded by two British entrepreneurs Micheal Acton and Alex Tew in 2012, comes with a free trial version with a premium subscription option to help you sleep better. Some of the prominent features include Voice coaching, personal coaching, goal setting, real-time following, training community, offline viewing, training plans, and offline logging.


Meditation done differently is the slogan Buddhify comes with. A 4.2-star rating and a promise to provide mindfulness on-the-go. It offers guided meditations for sleep, stress, traveling, work and more, helping you have a clear, calm and de-stressed mind. The app is well equipped to fit into a busy lifestyle. People using the app claim it is life changing and capable of broadening one’s experience.

With the facility of guided meditations and customizable experience, it is more empowering than dictating.  You can also choose to give a meditation to someone you hold dear who might be having a hard time or just to brighten their day. Buddhify also has a kid’s version, goes by the name Buddhify Kids to help them in controlling their emotions and growing wisdom.

Day One

Day One provides a platform to get one’s thoughts together and keeping them organized in one place. Also, it helps people who find it hard to speak out their emotions. With the cool interface and features like diary, notes, journal, photos, and locations it makes for a great tool to get your thoughts flowing. A 4.2-star rating speaks for itself. One of the coolest features is that if you accidentally uninstall your app, all your journal entries will be restored upon reinstallation and your thoughts are safe with a passcode and touch ID security. It comes with a free trial and advanced features available upon subscription.

Smiling Mind

Smiling mind is an app developed by an Australian non-profit organization and hence is absolutely free of cost with the main intention of reaching a greater audience and helping them with mindfulness, hence making it available to all.

It has multiple great features to offer like a variety of meditation lengths, option to check in with yourself, programs for all ages, sub-accounts for family, and you can track your progress too along the way. Psychologists and academics worked closely to develop this app in order to bring balance to people’s lives. The non-profit has a vision to “Help every mind thrive.”

10% Happier

The app is designed particularly for skeptics, who are not sure if they should try meditation or not. A collection of video lessons and guided meditations with world-renowned author and trainer Dan Harris to achieve better relationships, work, sleep, and health. World-renowned top-notch teachers like Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, George Mumford, Jeff Warren, JoAnna Hardy, Matthew Hepburn and more. The app has a good 4.7-star rating and great user reviews. Features like, access to the introductory course with free 7 sessions, daily videos to teach simplest ways of meditation, new monthly content, advice to apply this to the daily routine, quick meditation options to suit the busy lifestyle and much more.

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