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March 16, 2019

Curiosity & Wonder

Curious about you

I wonder,

What are the thoughts

Dancing through your mind?

What ignites your inner fire

And brings you the most joy?

This life is short, baby

Tell me,

What do you wish to achieve?

What is it that you believe?

Do you think our souls fly free

When all of this is over?

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Merrisa is a yoga teacher, travel planner and self-proclaimed poet based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She believes that magic exists all around us and thinks that she may have been a mermaid in another life. She is especially inspired by nature, philosophy, music, relationships and the human body. She writes about her dreams, experiences and feelings and hopes that her words will evoke a sense of passion, curiosity, playfulness or inspiration for others. Connect with her on Instagram @mermaidmerrisa