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March 9, 2019

How you can Enjoy Affordable Camping on Islands in Australia.

Camping is one of the most favorite outdoor activities.

My entire family likes to indulge in camping on great landscapes, that is why Australia is our favorite place for camping.  Camping on an island in Australia is an excellent experience because of the local wildlife and distinct landscapes. There are different types of camping in Australia;

Frequent camping trips can be quite expensive if you are travelling to another country but with few tips and tricks, I manage to adjust my trip into my budget.What I like about Australia camping is, not only they provide best views but they are pretty affordable as well, however camping is costly but you can make it affordable. There are ways to make camping on Aussie grounds affordable. First, it is essential that you create a budget and stick to it, plan your trip around your budget, for example; the average cost of national park fee along with camping expenses is $60 per person.

Whereas, free campsites let you enjoy the true essence of adventure and you only have to pay for your personal fuel, food and gear costs. So, you can pick options which suits best to your budget. You need to pick the spot best for you, based on your very own preference and requirements.

Another way to make trip more budgets friendly is by purchasing travelling accessories, gear and other items through saving coupons from to make everything fit in your budget. In case you have planned your trip months before you can start shopping for your trip early and purchase required items on sale.

Now let’s see which the best islands for an affordable camping trip are. Following are the top islands for affordable camping in Australia.

North Stradbroke Island, informally known as Straddie, is a favorite spot to camp and very affordable as well.  This island is quickly reachable from Brisbane, and it has brimming natural features, for example, the north-bound, roaming kangaroos, surf beaches, beautiful beachfront parks, and warm sunshine. Set up a portable shelter at Cylinder Beach Camping Ground where there are bistros, shops, and eateries around. You can also head out further to Adder Rock Camping Ground which is much more secluded and sheltered by pandanus and tea tree woodlands. You can ask your hotel managers if they have any discount offers for family vacations, ask stores if they have their own coupons. You can also ask café if they have deals on kid’s meals.

  1. The Murray

The Murray is a fantastic local island. It has a gentle, warm and dry atmosphere which makes it the absolute most suitable camping area in New South Wales and Victoria.  This is quite affordable because you can set up camp in the wild for free. You can purchase or rent camping accessories from nearby stores on discount. If you have more accommodating budget you can opt for family caravan in a holiday site with full luxuries. You can also arrange private Aboriginal guide on reasonable price.

  1. Sydney Harbor

Cockatoo Island is heaven hidden in the busy Sydney Harbor. It offers one of the world’s most exciting camping experiences. You can enjoy this hustle and bustle without spending much, the stores offer camping supplies on lease, you can prepare your own meals which are way more reasonable than restaurant meals. The grocery items can also be bought on discount through coupons.

  1. Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges

Set up a portable shelter or park your campervan in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges. You can either camp in the woods or pick a holiday spot with fully prepared campsites on rent with family discounts. Dive further into the Dandenong Ranges and field around Gembrook or Emerald where you can easily access the Emerald Lake Park, Bunyip State Park, and Kurth Kiln Park. The camping zone has toilets, showers, electric grills, and chimneys that you can rent or lease.

  1. Red Center

Ayers Rock Resort which is 15 kilometers (nine miles) away from the striking red stone monument has a broad scope for campsites. These campgrounds include grills, a swimming pool, an open-air kitchen, clothing offices, and incredible natural sites at reasonable rates, through discounts and coupons. The campers can also get free rides to the market, shops, eateries, and bars which makes your trip more budget friendly.

  1. Kakadu

Kakadu National Park is 150 kilometers (93 miles) southeast of Darwin Cooinda. This camping ground is ideal as it sits close to Yellow Water Billabong. Move through the billabong to see crocodiles and distinct birds.You can have your tent or stay at the Lodges which comes with a pool, bar, and local bistro. These lodges are rented on very reasonable price and can be discounted further if you book them at-least weeks before.

These places make wonderful camping trips which are quite reasonable as well. I prefer these sites because they all fit in my budget, through my savvy saving tips. The lodges and motels offer great family vacations deals, the stores also give camping accessories and gears on rent which makes it quite affordable, make sure you avail all these bargains. I try to find deals at every place I check-in whether it is lodge, café, departmental store or transport. To make it further reasonable, I also ask store owners if they have their saving coupons which I can use.

These nifty tricks always help me to keep my trip track on budget. I hope next time you plan camping trip you will consider these Aussie islands, and I guarantee you with my travelling tips you will have an excellent camping trip in your budget!

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