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March 24, 2019

My Educational Experience with Cancer


Dear consciousness seekers, I write to you today to tell you my story. It is about my educational experience with cancer. I have been on a deep spiritual path since my recovery from cervical cancer ten years ago. Back then I was a typical New Age person, making mistakes along the way. I picked the wrong partner for myself based on old unconscious patterning. He was a sociologically wounded person with a belief in victim consciousness. He had Fibromyalgia, Lyme’s Disease and Gulf War Syndrome, with a good dose of childhood trauma from sexual abuse inflicted upon him from his father. His deep fascination for conspiracy theories and alternative healing techniques consumed him day and night. Then I came along, with my exuberant positivism, laced with an unconscious savior complex, mixed with a insane belief that I could fix a man, since I could not find one who was already wholesome and healthy. Sounds like a recipe for disaster and it was. Soon after we met it began, I am sure of it now; the growth of the cancerous tumor in my womb.

Cervical cancer like any cancer has a cure I believe, but the best cure is prevention. Life happens as we all know and even if it does happen that you end up with a cancer diagnosis please do these ten things first. Begin a vegan diet and buy a quality juicer and juice massive amounts of kale, cilantro, dandelion leaves and other dark leafy green vegetables. These green drinks will help alkalize your body and oxygenate your cells. Cancer cannot live in that environment. Dr. Leonard Coldwell said that every cancer can be cured in two to sixteen weeks by getting rid of acidosis and toxemia.

Detox symptoms are not pleasant but neither chemotherapy. Fast for as many days as works for you. Stop consuming all processed foods, sugar, coffee, meat, dairy and alcohol. Go to reputable spiritual counselors and shamans that are qualified to help you get to the spiritual root cause of your disease. Pray like crazy and know that you are never a victim if you take control of your life through applying consciousness. You were just very asleep on a very dangerous, and toxic rat race, matrix world. There is another world that exists here, simultaneously. Change the channel and wake up! You will be fine. Don’t go into fear. Don’t go into fight mode. The cancer can be a great teacher. Place thoughts of love in and around yourself and ask your body to forgive you for the disease that you did not prevent. It is not too late. You can heal fully. Go to Peru and take Ayahausca and Kambo if you can. Do all or any of these things that I suggest. Do the ones that resonate with you.

In my cancer experience I was not loved enough by people that supported these suggestions. I was a single mom on welfare with no money to do half of these suggestions. I wanted to have options and choices but I was consumed by the fear-based beliefs of my family. Will she die? Oh my god! Get her to the hospital right away for chemotherapy and radiation. My children were teenagers and they emotionally blocked out their fears, with unconscious behaviors of denial. They were just children and they were terrified under their cool exterior.

I was already a firm believer of positive affirmations and surrender, so with those spiritual tools I knew that my best ally was going to be prayer. I have a friend in Jesus. God love him, and without all of the churchy dogma and crap. Jesus taught me that I had to be my own savior and that I had to take control of my own destiny. And this I did! I was cancer free after six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. I lose 47 lymph nodes in my upper leg, that with the absence of their presence in my body, has now created a separate health condition called lymphedema. My right leg has been swollen with backed up lymph fluid for ten years now. I am in a current battle with my insurance company to pay for the latest breakthrough surgery that has great results in reserving lymphedema. It is called Lymph Node Transfer Surgery and involves transplanting lymph nodes from one part of the body to another.

Chemotherapy and radiation, not my treatment of choice but it worked. What many people do not know is that there are hundreds of varieties of chemotherapy drugs. The one they gave me did not make my hair fall out. The six weeks went by fast. Breast cancer chemotherapy and radiation last about six months. After the completion of my six weeks of cancer treatments, I as diagnosed as cancer free, at my three month followup appointment. The gratefulness of this diagnosis was magically acknowledged by a silver ring with hearts on it, that mysteriously materialized in my jacket pocket upon walking into the hospital that day for my appointment. Must have been the prayer that saved me; and the love that I had for myself. Thank you Jesus; thank you for showing me that it was all about me loving me, and it was within my power to heal myself.

So to end this story I have another part to add. I do not agree with the American Medical Association’s approach to treating cancer, and that does not come from an ungratefulness that I survived cancer with their help. It comes from a deep knowing of how this world works. It’s all about money and cancer is a billion dollar industry. Many cures have been suppressed, people murder, and minds influenced to believe in lies. Can’t stop, won’t stop! Let’s change this world to support healing and truth. I want to see a world where alternative treatments for cancer are not only given there fair chance to thrive, but also financially supported. Traditional cancer treatment, just like war, is barbaric in my opinion. As a human race we can do better.

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Sheranda Kumara Mar 27, 2019 8:05am

great article.

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Sheranda Kumara

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