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March 16, 2019

Stolen Soul

                            Stolen Soul

The time for breaking me has now begun, my body and legs are bound up as one. The ropes are tied up so tight, I try to move with all my might.

I have not eaten or anything to drink for days, as this is your way of making me obey..

The Bullhooks and sticks that you use to beat me all day and night, makes me scream in pain oh, what a sight. 

The cuts and sores are so very raw and deep, I bleed red while I weep. 

I scream and roar for my mom to come comfort me, but all she can do is cry a tear for me.

Tears roll down my eyes as I am in so much pain, the only thing that makes my cuts and sores feel so good is the cooling of the rain..

Now that my spirit is broken to the core, it is no longer my life but yours.

You take me away from a place I have ever known to beg on the streets where I stand alone. I stand all day and night where the sun is so hot, the bottoms of my feet are all so cracked and rot..

I’m hungry, thirsty and miss my mom Like no other, when will this day end as all I want to do is be under her for cover.

I Imagine her trunk carassing me with love,  as she looks down at me from above.  Please don’t let this just be a dream as i don’t want to wake up and cry and scream. 

There are people everywhere,  touching me and making me pose for pictures, I am so tired as I have not slept for days, but I must obey as this is their ways.

After a long day and night I am finally allowed to go home, I’m shackled up once again as I’m not allowed to roam.

My spirit is so broken a tear falls down my eye, I look for my mom as I start to cry..

I am just a baby why does this happen to me, it’s all about money for you, please let me be.

So the next time you think it’s fun to take a picture with me, remember the crushing I had to go through, so your vacation was complete while my body was black and blue.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

Written by Kim Hartman 

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