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March 11, 2019

Yoga: A significant tool for addiction treatment


Yoga has been around for ages, the word itself means combining as in Hindi Yog means addition. Here the word Yoga means to combine your body, mind and soul through meditation and posture. These postures also called asanas designed and developed for achieve body strength, health improvement and making our physical flexibility for meditation.


Yoga doesn’t mean to pressurize your body to limits in order to perform asanas like any physical workout routine will do. For performing asanas you should be always relaxed and try to do these asanas as per physical limitations with just breathing techniques. Very soon you will be delighted to see the development in performing those postures or asanas which may have seen impossible to do at starting. No Yoga instructor will ever tell you to put extra pressure on your body.


Yoga is most simplest and holistic way of healing of both mind and body. The various breathing techniques practice in yoga known as Pranayam with meditation will help releasing stress and anxiety on daily basis. These techniques help in calming nervous system where as the different postures or asanas will release tension in muscles, improve digestion and helps to eliminate toxins from your body. With regular practice of Yoga symptoms of asthma seems to lighten in patients along with high blood pressure and joint aches.


Yoga also helps in addiction treatment. Any alcoholic or any other addict of illicit substance always go through sleeping disorders and mood swings practicing Yoga on regular basis will help them in insomnia as well as controlling anger and anxiety for mood alterations. Yoga practice has become a successful tool in almost every rehabilitation and addiction treatment center around the globe. Practicing Yoga also helps in suppressing cravings in recovering addicts as it helps in detoxification of body and meditation helps in focusing with clear thoughts and relaxed mind.

Here are some of popular yoga styles.


  • Asthanga – Known as power yoga, a cardiovascular workout helps to build flexibility, muscle strength and stamina.


  • Bikram – This constitutes of total 26 postures which require stretching muscles, ligaments and tendons. This style helps in cleansing and detoxification.


  • Iyengar –This style more focuses on alignment of postures more precisely. This is very useful for the people recovering from severe injuries and chronic pain.


  • Kripalu – This is a slow breathing technique accompanied by movements.


  • Kundalini – The goal of this style to awaken the energy at base of spine which are the energy centers. This styles ivolves breathing techniques with chanting of mantras.


  • Viniyoga – This style combines breathing with alignment, based upon each individual.


Yoga had considered a philosophy from ancient India as old as about 5000 years. The most beautiful thing about yoga is it can be practiced about every age group and one can start from any age and with any type of disease. Starting Yoga can be very easy you just only need determination and will, just by means of book or DVD one can easily start practicing Yoga at home. These books and DVDs are easily available in near by library if not you can always find one online.


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