April 11, 2019

A Mantra to Open our Hearts to the Courageous Energy of Spring. 


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This first new moon of spring, on April 5th, revealed a fierce and expansive energy into courage.

This energy allows us to believe in the ideas we hope to bring to being. It surrounds us as we (in the Northern Hemisphere) emerge from our hibernation and step fully back into the warmth and growth of this new season.

Heading out our front doors, squinting up to the sun-filled sky, hand across forehead, we are ready to plant the ideas and hopes within our fierce hearts. With the ground finally thawed and the crocuses emerging, the arrival of what is to come has arrived at our doorsteps.

The first new moon of spring is a time for our hearts to open and our hopes to take shape. Its energy will stay with us throughout the month.

This is a time of creative organization. Our pens poised, our hands ready—creation won’t elude us any longer, as it may have in winter. Delays subside and momentum begins.

There’s a swiftness to our thoughts and ideas, and we have the energy to meet them and mold them into being. This moon is here to move us forward; we are out of the ice and snow, and all that we’ve been quietly dreaming about these past few months is ready to be released into the world.

This is a time of alchemy, discovery, and curiosity.

Let these tenets be our mantra for the next month, as we call in the truths of our desire without judgement or fear. We are not alone in our hopes and dreams. Rest assured there are many who have walked this path before us, supporting us as we walk it now.

Seek solace in this knowing of your belonging. Seek peace in your heart as you journey forward.

Fear and hesitation have no place here—our confidence and community will carry us even if we falter.


Skirt hem hits 
the tops of my ankles
The screen door bangs shut
behind me
my hand forgetting to linger on its hold

The sun and her flowers
turn as
my feet create a creak and bend

the Wind
blowing away the leftover
lingering of winter

Cleansing free the stagnant aura
surrounding me

The sweet smell of grass
my lungs

As I take one more step toward the Gods
so that they may take 10 steps


author: Licia Morelli

Image: @ecofolks/Instagram

Image: Daniel Apodaca/Unsplash

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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jschwain Apr 12, 2019 8:41am

Thanks for the inspiration to be drawn out of my sleepy, snowy shell! Love the steps towards the gods 🙂 nicely written, Licia!

shannon.stewart Apr 11, 2019 12:40pm

Love this! Thank you Licia, for your gorgeous words of wisdom.

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Licia Morelli

Licia Morelli is the best-selling author of The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation (Tilbury House Publishers), which was also the 2016 Maine Literary Award Winner. Licia is also the founder of The Cardinal Moon Society, a space to support her community of over 30,000 writers, seekers and creatives. Her writing has also been featured in Boston Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Barnes and Noble, Elephant Journal, and The Rumpus. Licia lives with her husband and two children on the coast of Maine, and as a retired psychic, believes the world would be a better place if everyone trusted their guts and ate more chocolate chip cookies. Licia is also on Instagram.