April 3, 2019

“This picture is of a Joe Biden with a woman named Stephanie Carter…”


It’s a case of real empathy and working toward truly needed justice vs. a culture of nitpicking and outrage that doesn’t seem to have much perspective. IE Joe Biden hugs and kisses in way that even those calling him out say is nonsexual and it’s front page news? Should he learn from these two women and back the f*ck up if asked to? Yes. Is there a culture of patriarchy and assumption of space? Yes. Do men and women hug and kiss others on the lips without asking all the time? Yes. Does all of Europe?

When many of the same folks refuse to vote Hillary (not perfect, but gets science, climate change, equal rights, immigration, would have been first woman to hold that office in 200 plus years) and by not voting they/we allow avowed-predator-in-his-own-words Trump in office? I’ll take walking our talk over social media outrage any day.

Whatever your experience and view, I’m all ears. So are our millions of readers.

PS: Elizabeth Warren is my pick for her detailed policies. Besides, it’s time for a woman to lead.


Update: his reply.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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