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April 13, 2019

Your Authenticity Is Calling

I am inspired to share a bit of insight with you as I sit in London, alone on the couch during the holiday’s watching ELF – Oh that magical season where inspiration tempts us all! Sometimes when I’m in a magical relaxed state, reflection steps to the plate and this time, It’s brought up a topic of “perspective” – How to change our perspective around from the perception of what we think the rest of the world wants and views of us. It’s important to value who we are, know what we deserve and to have the confidence to keep on moving. Practicing loving ourselves is essential to staying in tune with our authenticity.

When we live authentically, we appreciate who we are and who we have become, allowing us to flourish more and more. It is necessary to consciously take a step back, observe and allow ourselves to come back into perception from what we think the world sees of us, to remembering who we are to continue achieving goals and grow without judgment. I believe comparing ourselves to others & outside circumstances influence our state of mind. Reminder that we are the only person we should be comparing ourselves to. We are the star of our movie called life.

It is easy to get side tracked in the swarm of being too “connected”. iPhones, living in busy cities and/or even putting our jobs before us because it’s what we know best. But at the same time, It’s the recipe for losing sight of ourselves, and we need and deserve a break to replenish – to love who we are.

How do we do that?

Trick your mind out of habits Don’t put everything else around you first. Easier said than done, but once you make a conscious effort to know and understand you need to fill your cup with fuel first before conquering any other outside circumstance, it will be an easy glide to finding the healthy balance we need. All in all, you will circle back to you.

Pick a moment to set aside 10-20 minutes to yourself. Something as small as indulging in your favorite coffee, sit in your favorite park or meditate. Choose something that makes you feel like you.

Keep positive reminders handy. Make sticky notes a thing in your home. Post your favorite quotes or inspiring messages on your mirror while you brush your teeth. “I am deserving of this” “I have the best smile!” or start a dialogue with yourself.. “I can’t wait to cook my favorite meal tonight!”

My favorite moment is the morning; sometimes while reading a few pages out of my favorite book while being comforted by my couch. Recently it’s looking forward to perfecting an artsy cappuccino I try making in the new espresso machine I have. Or right now, it’s watching Elves on TV.

Whatever your bit of “happy” is, the point is to reel yourself out of the normal “day to day” reality because that sucker can really obscure our ways of thinking. When you do, you’ll find yourself feeling a bit more at ease, more collected and even more inspired. Do you feel your creative juices yet?

Maybe you’re inspired to achieve a new goal. Your first achievement is that you’ve even put the idea out there. The perseverance, strive and passion you possess in achieving that goal will only lead you in achieving more. Fuel from your own confidence!

This leads to my next thought; do ever find yourself wanting more? We may struggle with asking ourselves, “but why do I want more?” or feel guilty as though we don’t deserve it. Here goes your lose of perspective again! I am here to give you a reminder that you are deserving, and wanting more simply means you enjoy a challenge, and to challenge yourself means to grow, and to grow takes courage. Well done.

Losing perspective of who we are is easy to do, but committing 10-20 minutes out of your day to give yourself that little boost of joy will help replenish and regain back your authenticity. Remember your life is your movie and you are the star! Continue shining my friends!

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