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June 10, 2019

Essential Oils for Anxiety Relief

Using essential oils for anxiety involves the application of aromatherapy in the treatment of these disorders; aromatherapy is the use of essential oils by inhaling them through the nostrils to improve one’s well-being.

One theory on how they elicit their action is that they stimulate receptors in the nostrils and send certain impulses to the nervous system.

They are also considered to have an effect on the body’s chemical system and because of this, aromatherapy is widely used as a form of treatment for certain conditions.

Essential oils should not be ingested as there is no proven evidence that supports the benefit of ingesting them; furthermore, it is required that essential oils should be diluted before being used in any way in order to avoid irritation.

Listed below are some of the essential oils proven to relieve anxiety disorders.

  •    Valerian

This is a plant that has been around for many ages85 is known to promote sleep and calm the nerves of anyone that inhales it.

It is said to have a mild sedative effect on the body and help to relieve symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

It is used by mixing a few drops of valerian oil to an aromatherapy diffuser and then inhaled.

  •    Bergamot orange

This essential oil is derived by cold pressing oranges from the Citrus bergamia tree. It is well known to help to relieve symptoms of anxiety disorders.

In research conducted in 2015, it was observed that bergamot oil induced anxiety-reducing effects in rats that inhaled it. It was also shown that when people awaiting surgery inhaled the water vapor of this oil, it reduced their anxiety levels.

  •    Chamomile

This is a popular herb that is used in relieving many disorders ranging from GIT disorders to anxiety disorders.

The essential oil derived from this herb possesses a sweet and fruity smell and is known to very well relieve the symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

Studies have shown that chamomile aromatic oil can help decrease anxiety and other symptoms way more than a massage would do.

  •    Jatamansi

This plant belongs to the same family as that of the valerian herb and it is a medicine employed in inducing a calm mind as well as good sleep.

It has been shown that this essential oil reduces depression by decreasing GABA neurotransmitter levels as well as MAO receptors in the brain.

An individual with anxiety symptoms can employ this essential oil in order to relieve any form of anxiety disorder.

  •    Lavender

Everyone must have heard about Lavender oil at one point or the other, it is a popular essential oil that can be used to relieve all forms of anxiety disorders

It is believed that Lavender oil aids in the relief of anxiety disorders by having an effect om the limbic system which is the part of the brain in charge of emotions.

Lavender oil can be used by mixing it with water in a tub and taking a bath in it, so as to inhale it.

  •    Holy Basil

Holy Basil also is known as tulsi is an essential oil employed in relieving the symptoms of anxiety disorders, it is known to contain a compound known as eugenol which gives it a spicy and minty aroma.

Holy Basil is a herb that can be used to treat mental and physical stress and hence is considered useful in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Holy basil is known to have a powerful fragrance thanks to the eugenol present in it and hence just a few drops of this essential oil is enough to diffuse through a room.

  •    Lemon

A well-known plant, lemon has many beneficial properties which include the ability to relieve the symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

The essential oil from the leaves of the lemon plant have an effect on anxiety at low doses; higher doses of lemon oil have been shown to further aggravate stress and have the opposite effect.

Citrus essential oils also tend to increase an individual’s skin response to sunlight and this implies that they should be used in low and careful doses.

  •    Orange blossom essential oil.

Orange blossom essential oil, also known as neroli is derived from the bitter orange tree. It is believed that this oil has essential properties required in the relief of anxiety symptoms.

Contrary to the sound of the plant name, this oil is also known to have a sweet, citrusy fragrance and can help to calm the mind and reduce anxiety.

  •    Rose

Rose petals can give essential oils that are known to have an enchanting and floral scent which helps to calm the nerves.

Using aromatherapy with rose essential oil has been shown to relieve anxiety symptoms in pregnant women during labor.

  •    Vetiver

Not a very common or well-known type of plant, but an effective one, vetiver is known to help to aid in relaxation and soothing of nerves.

Individuals with stress-related problems or anxiety disorders can make use of this oil in order to relax more and rid themselves of worry.

This essential oil is derived from the green vetiver plant of India.

  •    Ylang ylang

Another essential oil employed in inducing relaxation, this oil in combination with other essential oils like lavender and bergamot has been shown to lower stress as well as anxiety levels.

This oil helps to reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and serum cortisol, thereby relieving the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety disorders.

Ylang ylang can be applied on the skin or added to a room diffuser to be inhaled.

  •    Geranium oil

Geranium oil derived from the geranium plant and has been shown to improve anxiety symptoms in women undergoing labor.

Studies have also proven that this essential oil can help to reduce diastolic blood pressure.

Geranium oil can be applied to a cotton ball and inhaled under the nostril a few times to help reduce anxiety.

With all that said, essential oils are a great way to wind down & relax!

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