June 20, 2019

I Want a Man like This. ~ Nora Wendel

I want a man who will grab me just to have one last kiss before he walks out the door and always turn around for a last glance.

I want a man who will take showers with me, soap me all over, and then dry me off slowly as he kisses my skin.

I want a man who reaches for me as he falls asleep because he knows he’ll sleep better when our bodies are entwined.

I want a man who protects me on the crowded dance floor, keeping others at bay so he can have even more of me.

I want a man who whispers how in love with me he is every single morning.

I want a man who answers “I want you” whenever I ask him what he really wants. Every. Single. Time.

I want a man who will drop everything without hesitation when I tell him I want more intimacy, then proceed to look into my eyes with a smile continuously playing on his lips.

I want a man who texts me “I miss you” when he is not with me, even though we’ve just been together day after day after day.

I want a man who picks flowers to place in my hair as he leans in to whisper how beautiful I am.

I want a man who takes my hand to lead the way, glancing behind to make sure I don’t stumble or fall.

I want a man who decides he doesn’t want to know me, because he loves getting to know me anew every single day.

I want a man who’ll listen and then challenge me. A man who knows he doesn’t have to agree with me but wants to listen and then listen again.

I want a man who is fierce in his love for me and unwavering in his devotion.

I want a man who worships me from the inside out, waiting for me to soften in his arms and encouraging me to surrender to his full loving.

author: Nora Wendel

Image: Author's own

Editor: Michelle Gean

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Chérie Ann Jun 26, 2019 3:40pm

Nora, Amen to that sister girlfriend, who I’ve never met. And to Michael below, if a woman can write that, then trust she’s done her work to be his counter part. Otherwise how would she even know what to want? Blessings, Chérie.

Margarita Roderick Jun 26, 2019 10:54am

I would like to know what kind of woman this kind of man wants… If you truly think you’re this kind of man, please let us know what kind of woman do you want… thank you!

michael mitchell Jun 25, 2019 8:09pm

This man exists but can a woman match his energy?
A man who has done his inner work and stays in the process demands the same from his woman. The bar gets raised and 2 conscious people grow together.

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