June 14, 2019

June 17th Full Moon in Sagittarius: Make Wild Love & Manifest Abundance.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

This full moon brings clarity and focus which allow us to deliver on our intentions to the universe.

Use this time to delve into your deepest self, uncovering your own mystery while seeking deeper knowledge about your life path.

Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17, 2019:

If you are a lover of Luna, you will be feeling the same excitement as I am about the upcoming full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius.

This moon is energetically charged by two important events on the calendar, the summer or winter solstice on June 21st (depending which hemisphere you’re in) and the opening of the eclipse season with a total solar eclipse on July 2nd.

That makes for three powerful, energetic portals aligned within a two-week period. Making it the perfect time for spell-casting, connecting with our dharma (life purpose), moving through blocks, and magnetizing love, abundance, fertility, and illumination.

When the moon is full, she symbolizes the ripeness of existence. We can take our cues from her powerful feminine presence, her association with mother, nurturing and birthing, and her dance with the light. The purpose of following the cycles of the cosmos is to see those cycles within ourselves and to act accordingly.

Everything in nature is a guide and teacher. All we have to do is pay attention to mindfully create magic in our lives.

The three days before the full moon are the most powerful for manifestation and drawing down the moon, or the embodiment of Luna.

A question I am often asked is whether intentions placed under the full moon will “work” if one does not have all the tools and trappings described in a spell book or by a magical practitioner. I can tell you wholeheartedly that you are the most powerful and essential ingredient in any ritual—you and your intention.

You can be stark naked (I advise it), without a scrap of candle, incense, or crystal necklace, and still manifest your desires. We use these tools to bring us closer in touch with intention, to create a pleasing sacred space, and to magnify that which may be somewhat illusive to us.

Remember, every word spoken, and action taken is viewed by the universe as your intended creation—and that is all that is needed in the end.

During the full moon, we may feel a little more vulnerable, a little more emotional, or a little more sensitive, as she pulls on our internal waters and stimulates ovulation. Please don’t avoid the natural “openness” we feel at this time. We are meant to feel! When we feel, we tap into a wisdom that is not governed by the mind or action. This kind of wisdom asks for receptivity and surrender. Illumination is a process of allowing, so divinely feminine in nature.

Sagittarius’ influence on the moon can make things a little topsy-turvy; be prepared for surprises. Now is the time to claim your authentic expression in the world, to step into specific choices for your life. Tap into the optimistic, positive energy of this sign to harness the results you wish to see.

Sagittarius, the Archer, half human and half horse, whose inherent gifts of intelligence, inspiration, and healing are the portals between realms. They can be visualized with his bow and arrows during the ceremony as they deliverer on your intention to the Universe.

Abundance Ritual:

The most important part of an abundance ritual is to know that abundance comes from within; it is not something we seek from outside. No one—human or divine—can give you something you already are.

Now that may in itself seem topsy-turvy; however, one of my greatest spiritual insights has been understanding that we create the universe and everything in it, from the inside out.

We don’t have to beg or earn our way to abundance, we are abundance—we just need to tap into something which is inherently soul-deep.

Abundance is born of gratitude. These two go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly.

Grateful for this moment, loving who I am, accepting of what is, I create the world I wish to live in.

This gratitude, this self-love, is the perfect soil for attracting and manifesting.

When you’re performing your ritual, you are cocreating. As any witch worth their salt will tell you, during ritual, we are not demanding anything or manipulating the universe into compliance, we are respectfully working with the energies available to us for manifesting a desired result.

There’s nothing wrong with desire. So, let’s get that on the table first. More does not mean that you are robbing someone else of something. That’s one of the things my clients struggle with most often: if I have more will someone else have less? But that’s not how the universe, nature, or your infinite spirit works.

Think now of what you need in more abundance; love, forgiveness, health, stability, creativity, finances, relationships, more flow, more ease, more of being understood, more of being accepted for who you are, purpose, peace, joy, more clarity around your business or next project, more surrender to what is.

As you can see, it is so much more than what we need in the physical world, and it is also what we need to thrive in it. Abundance is a way of being within our own human experience and that of others. Step one is abandoning guilt and shame surrounding our needs and desires.

So now, armed with your own quiver of manifesting abundance arrows, let’s begin! And guess what? Knowing that you are the generator of your own abundance is the most important and biggest part of this ritual. You could literally stop here and be able to draw in all that you need. But, ritual is fun and expands on the experience.

Gather all allies or mystic’s tools which resonate with you for spell casting.

Stones for the full moon in Sagittarius are sapphire, moonstone, clear quartz, aquamarine, pearl, or any round, white, or translucent crystals. You can charge these every full moon.

Essential oils one could wear or diffuse are sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, lemon, or rose.

The horse is an ally from the animal kingdom whose spirit can carry you to the moon realm. Wolf, hare, or cat are also wonderful familiars. Call upon them to assist you in your ritual. Statues on your altar or images tucked into a pocket bring their energy closer, but a simple invitation will do.

Invite the four directions and their corresponding elements as well: north (water), east (air), south (fire), west (earth).

Dress in something which makes you feel abundant. What invokes feelings of gratitude and joy? Wear that. It can be bling, something simple, or skyclad—it’s the feeling that matters.

Write or feel a gratitude list. You can also speak it aloud or meditate it, which is powerful.

Write, dance, feel, play, or sing your desires. You can do this outside under the moon, indoors by candlelight (choose white or silver), alone, or with your tribe.

Even more poignantly, you may wish to make-love your desires—meaning, hold the intention of what you wish to manifest in your life during love-making and especially orgasm. Don’t do this if you aren’t prepared for kick-ass changes in your life though!

The energy raised before and during orgasm can be focused with pinpoint precision. Your sensual practice—on your own or with a lover—becomes a sacred, tantric experience. Especially in self-pleasure, we can activate our chakras to amplify abundance. Sexual energy is at the core of all creation. Remember to end with third-eye kisses if with a companion.

Celebrate wildly, explore your kink, dream your biggest dreams. Surround your bed with crystals and talismans—Luna loves passion and play.

After, release everything for the last moon cycle which you no longer need or want. Acknowledge the dreams which came to fruition for you in the last month or within the last year. When you have expressed all your desires for abundance, offer a drink of your choice to the moon goddess of your choice. Isis and Diana are two, but you can call on your personal favorite as well.

Nourish yourself with food that makes you feel alive and vibrant.

Close your ritual with a bow to the four directions, thanking all your allies and a “So Mote it Be.”

I like to moon bathe (embodying Luna’s energy) and make moon water to drink in the morning (simply leave a closed jar of water under the moon). This sets me up for the next moon cycle.

Make note of this ritual in your journal or anywhere where you can look at it after some time has passed. When you commit to a practice of gratitude and abundance, you create room for more or each. The universe meets your intention with magnetized opportunities.

Manifesting what we want is all about our state of being, which translates to how we show up in this world and how the world shows up for us.

Namaste, witches!


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