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June 23, 2019

Stolen Soul

A soul that is desperate to breathe struggles with the thought of looking in a mirror

Do you see the redness? Or the puffy eyes that well up when you remember the reasons for avoiding yourself

Do you feel the blood? Do you feel the sharp cold against your exposed chest?

Dressing alone is a luxury when there are never enough doors or blinds to take cover from a surprise attack

The sun will never stop shining, the leaves have the audacity to fall at your feet

It will all turn into darkness so harsh that your legs will refuse your request to walk

Your home plays a tantalizing tune on your rib cage as you beg for mercy

The shower is loose and cold with a constant head twisting chill of the past riddled in shame and fear. Open space becomes the root of all evil

The curtain is no longer enough to hold your innocence and dignity. It is lost and was stolen long ago

The bed sheets that embody passion and love somehow hold a special place for crippling night terrors

Sleep is but a dream when the past is haunting you

Give me peace, release me because I cannot play this game

I demand to be free

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