June 19, 2019

June 2019 Summer Solstice & the 12 Zodiac Transformations.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

This Friday is the summer solstice, which marks the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and the shortest for the southern hemisphere.

Cultures around the world have marked the solstice throughout history as a moment of importance both for the changing of the seasons and for our relationship with the sacred.

In astrology, the summer solstice marks the beginning of Cancer season, which itself is a new solar cycle, indicated by the sign of Cancer having cardinal (or initiatory) energy.

This solar moment marks what is known as a liminal space, or a space between. The concept of liminality is more than just a space between two distinct times; it’s also a space in which rules are temporarily lifted and roles are reversed. If the concept of liminality seems new to you, just think about all the liminal spaces in your own life—birthdays are a great example as they’re a space between ages and you’re granted temporary permission to do exactly as you please.

Of course, part of liminality is that it shows up to transform you, and then it ends. Once the moment is over, something has changed, and it can’t be changed back. In the example of your birthday, you’re now a new age.

With the solstice and astrology, things aren’t quite so simple.

Sure, the sun is literally reversing itself in the sky (or so it appears to us on Earth) and the seasons have changed. These are the things that tie astrology so strongly to our everyday lives. But also, energetically, the solstice marks a shift. The solstice marks a moment when change is imminently possible for each of us. In fact, the moment is rife for transformation.

Transformation might mean becoming just a bit more okay with uncertainty. It might mean considering the opposite thing—what are the values, beliefs, goals, and desires that are different from your own? Why do you hold the worldview and habits that make up your personality? Are they still serving you? Is it time to let some things go? Is it time to cultivate something new?

Here’s what the solstice might help you transform this year:

Aries: Transform your head

It’s natural to drive toward your goals without question or rest. This solstice, take time out to consider the beliefs and needs of others. How might understanding another help you understand yourself more fully?

Taurus: Learn to let go

Your steadfast efforts to build the life you desire are commendable, but remember that everything in life is temporary. No matter what you have created, someday it will belong to someone else. Consider the benefits of building with others in mind. Consider the delight you take in what others have built and given to you.

Gemini: Still your mind

This solstice, consider that a moment of stillness and solitude might do you some good. Have you taken time to reach within to find the depths of what you think and believe? Try spending some time alone, meditating, or in nature.

Cancer: Change your heart

What is it that you most desire out in the world? Have you gone after it lately? This solstice, take the time to prepare for your upcoming birthday by anticipating what you’d like to create outside yourself. Let it be what you most desire, even if it scares you just a little.

Leo: Soften your resolve

You probably already know what you want and how to go after it, but this solstice, take some rest. Can you spend some time napping before you dive into your next great endeavor? With rest and contemplation, you’ll be able to shine your brightest when you dive into the fullness of summer’s activity.

Virgo: Allow imperfection

Spend the solstice contemplating the energy of love and the practicing of allowing things to be as they are. Can you spend this solstice letting go of those things you’ve created? Can you give away some power and simply enjoy the sun instead?

Libra: Decide what you want

You’ve thought a lot about balance, Libra, but now is the time to go all in (or at least dip your toe in the water without looking to see what others are doing). Decide to give something a try that you simply want to do. Allow your will to shine through on this long day.

Scorpio: Speak your mind

Scorpio energy is perceptive and deep, but it’s not often you get to speak your mind fully. Consider that what you have to say might be a huge benefit to others. You might have insights that could help others understand their own deep, intuitive side.

Sagittarius: Learn to rest

Energy is always flowing, but on this high-energy day, take a moment to simply rest. What does it feel like to allow the energy to slow to a halt within you? Can you take a moment to allow the world to go on without you?

Capricorn: Change your speed

Goals are great, but velocity toward a far-off peak can make you miss the beautiful scenery around you. Consider that this may be a time to change the direction of your energy from an external goal to an internal landscape. Rest will serve you well.

Aquarius: Choose yourself

What can you do to be totally sincere about your deepest desires? This is the moment to revel in the sincerity of your soul and to deeply appreciate the wealth within yourself. Spend today giving yourself exactly what you want, and then let go of any pretense you might feel around it.

Pisces: Contain your attention

This solstice, take a moment to stand firm in the knowledge of who you are. Those beautiful people, songs, vistas, and memories that make you swoon—set them aside today. Try to only feel exactly what is applicable to the present moment where you are—the tactile temperature of the air, what you see, hear, smell, observe.


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