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July 12, 2019

Do You Want to Learn How Better Understand Your Man?- 3 Steps on How to Become a ManSpeak Translator

For millennia upon millennia Divine Masculine men have attempted to understand us as women and we as Divine Feminine Goddesses have attempted to understand men. One of the most famously noted books on the topic is Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Grey. Yet there is something that goes much deeper than just knowing we are from different planets as it were when it comes to understanding a man. And it requires something we know a lot about ladies….our heart and intuition.

Have you ever watched the film What Women Want starring Mel Gibson? In the film he comes into the ability to hear the Divine Feminine Goddess’ thoughts. Well rather than thoughts, I have a unique gift in that I can hear the heart of a man, the soul of him. And you can too come into this gift….if you so choose to that is.

Born as an intuitive, empath, and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and the unique spiritual gifts given me from Source, I have always been able to feel all people, men and women alike~ their vibes, hearts, souls, feelings, thoughts, e~motions (which are energy~in~motion) quite keenly. Yet it was truly through my birthing and raising my three boys, grown men they are now that began my Sacred Path within the heart and soul of the Divine Masculine beyond my already attuned gifts in this area.

In addition, within the last 11 ½ plus years I have been in union with my twinsoul, I have honed in this gift even further to the point where a beautiful Divine Feminine Goddess woman whom I gave some Twinsoul Mentoring sessions to nearly 6 years gone now lovingly nicknamed me The Manspeak Translator. As I can really hear the heart of a man and know what he is experiencing, I help many women and couples to navigate the waters of REALationship/union within this deeper soulful understanding.

How to Be a Manspeak Translator

To be a Manspeak Translator can be summed up in One Sentence~

Hearing the heart of the Divine Masculine man in hearing the message behind the message.

To a man (and to all of us really yet especially for a man) to be understood in really hearing him and seeing him beyond the masks, facades, walls, and defences is key. Let me explain why. Since the times of yore, if a Divine Masculine man in war, whilst hunting for food, or at any other time were to let his guard down in any way, he could literally be killed.

Nowadays, whilst there is still war upon this earth (sadly), the necessity for such hyper vigilance is free from being required any longer. However, such mutated DNA patterns and triggers are still within men overall (there are exceptions to this of course). For this reason and also due to the way in which so many Divine Masculine men have been brought up within indoctrination of things such as~ ‘big boys don’t cry’ or ‘you are to be strong’ and such things, as well as, childhood wounds/traumas along with other experiences of being hurt in relationships (especially with women), there are many a man whom are afraid if not terrified to show their e~motions (energy~in~motion) for fear of being seen as vulnerable and therefore metaphorically feeling they can be ‘killed’ (ie~ through being rejected, abandoned, ridiculed, ignored, and so on).

Sadly there are too many Divine Feminine Goddesses whom also have yet to learn (or as we say within soul essence, Soul Remember) this I share above and also what I Am about to share with you of how to really hear the heart of a Divine Masculine man within the message behind the message.

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How to Hear the Heart of a Man and the Message Behind the Message

As a result, many men then all too often resort to other means and ways to express what they feel inside about you a women he loves, Goddesses in general, or about life and things he is going through good and free from being good (and everything in between). These ways can include~

* Sending you a song to tell you how he feels about you.

* Posting something on social media (song, writing, quote etc) about how he feels about you or about what is occurring for him in his life of how he feels.

* Sharing with you what he is doing in his life at the moment (his way of saying he wishes you were there with him).

These are just a few short examples. Now, all men are free from being this way, yet many are. Therefore, it is so very important that we as Divine Feminine Goddesses take the moments to really hear a man’s heart in what he is really saying to you through both what he says and also his actions/demonstrations such as the possible ways given above.

The easiest example of this I can give you is when you ask someone ‘How are you?’ and they say ‘fine’ yet you know darn well right they are free from being fine~ you can sense it, feel it, even without the person having to say such. This is just one of the ways we hear into a man’s heart deeply to know him, understand him in what he may be saying to us when they have a hard time expressing how they feel.

An even deeper process to really hear him and his message behind the message is the following~

* When you are triggered by something he has said and/or done (or didn’t say/do), BEFORE you lash out at him, I invite you into this~

1. Deeply Breathe~ Close your eyes and take 4 slow what are called Buddha~belly breathes or for us as singers we know this as diaphragmatic breathing. This is where you be as you were when you were a wee lad or lass (or if you see children when they sleep) of breathing deeply in through the nose and expanding your belly fully as you breath in. And as you breath in imagine calmness, centredness, relaxation, and Love flowing through you. Then breathing out through the nose in simply releasing, letting go. Doing four of these breathes this way automatically calms your autonomic nervous system which is what gets activated when we are triggered of the fight, flight, freeze reptilian brain hijacked mode which has us unable to think clearly. This form of breathing given above here helps to calm, centre, and relax you so you can be in a more heart~centred resonance.

2. Be Still~ With your eyes still closed then, learn to Be Still, to get really quiet (silent) and listen to his vibration. Attune to the Divine Masculine you Love (or who is in your life that you are desiring to hear his heart) of his frequency~ feel, sense, see, experience within you what it is like to be him in this moment. Listen to, with, and through the Intuitive Heart of how Source would listen and feel this man, rather than the emotional heart of your triggers, your judgments, your perceptions, or his behaviours as all of those are the masks. Listen to see if what is being said, written, shared, how he is acting etc. is in attunement and alignment with his vibration. How to be and do that?

3. Be One with Him~ this goes hand in hand with number 2 step above. With an added bonus~ When Source listens to us, such listening and Love is given free from judgment nor conditions, free from being triggered, just listening. I have other related articles to this here on Your Tango on how to truly listen and how to truly be One with another so I invite you to read those to assist you within this.

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What I will share here though is whence we are able to collapse the separation between us and the man we Love that is in our life (whether romantically or otherwise) you can feel what he feels as you are him, what it feels like to be him in this moment, then you can reach out from that resonance of compassion, love, understanding. And lastly, to the degree that you know yourself intimately this way within listening, will be to the degree that you are able to be this for the man you Love, the men in your life, and all in your life really.

As the layers of comfort zones, repeated patterns of wounding and triggers within us are removed through this I share above, there is a pureness and innocence like who we are and were as children in child~likeness rather than the e~motional childishness. As you get deeper and deeper to the core of who you really are at the soul level vibrational essence, you then are able to be that within your heart and with the man you Love.

Through the many years with my twinsoul, he has shared with me often that he is amased at how I see through him and into his heart and soul beyond the masks, that I know him better then he knows himself he has even been noted to say, and it is something of which he is very appreciative of. It gives our beautiful Divine Masculine a sense of relief and a safe sanctuary to come to when we can be this for and with them. As at the heart and soul of it all, all our beautiful Divine Masculine man desires is the same thing we as Divine Feminine Goddesses desire which is~ to truly be seen, heard, loved, and know that he matters to you, that he makes a difference in your life, and that you come from that resonance of understanding him. Can you Love him bumps, bruises, idiosyncrasies, and all? It will take some attuning and practice, yet I have every faith in you beautiful goddess that you too can be a Manspeak Translator.


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