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July 4, 2019

Expressing Your Light Language ∴ The True Language of Your Soul

After years of being on my journey of inner healing, I knew there were many more layers of myself that had to be unraveled. As I continued digging, the unexpected opened up: Light Language. This new, yet ancient way of expression, was something I had never known yet it felt so familiar. This dialect felt more connected, more real and more inspirational. Light Language allowed my soul to truly express itself. This changed everything! 

Let’s start at the beginning, growing up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, I felt like an alien who had arrived in a strange place, a foreign visitor who had crash-landed in an unknown place.

And while it was not the worst place to grow up, it felt strange and foreign to me. Throughout my childhood and into early adulthood, I felt challenged to express myself and my feelings. I quietly observed. While others seemed to naturally communicate and engage with others, I struggled to engage and connect. When I was able to bring words together to speak, it felt physically difficult to fully and clearly pronounce my words and I needed to repeat myself for others to hear. 

Looking back, I now realize there was always a sense of feeling out of place and unsafe.

Through my twenties, I did extensive studies in many metaphysical realms and I experienced many multi-dimensional spiritual activations. Through these experiences, my inner journeys began to unravel my multidimensional nature. Unique gifts in healing, psychic awareness, connection with spirit beings, and other visionary gifts continued to open, expand and reveal themselves. I began to understand how tapped in I was to other dimensions, and how rare of a gift it was!

Through exploration of my own inner healing journey to activate and embody these gifts, I discovered the source of this feeling of unfamiliarity and my struggle to communicate. I learned about many past lifetimes and why I felt deeply unsafe and afraid to truly express myself. I discovered the deep fear and pain were rooted in experiences from other incarnations that were playing out in this lifetime. Other dimensional experiences of being tortured and killed for expressing the truth of my soul lingered. Experiences of taking oaths of secrecy to not speak the true divinity I knew, so others could play the game of human separation still existed. These traumas echoed and reverberated into this lifetime perpetuating challenges in communicating and connecting with others and this world.

Through Light Language, I felt confident in who I am and what I need to express. Opening up both Light Language and speaking in normal English allowed more depth, more love, and more connection. I was able to engage more deeply with others and feel less isolated and alone.

Light language is a transmission of sound from other octaves/dimensions of existence, a unique expression for each of us. It is a spectrum of consciousness expressed through our sound channels. Just as the universe is composed of a vast spectrum of sound possibilities, so do we have the blessed gift to express through sound. As we let go of our normal mental activity, we move into a creative flow state where sounds, songs, and other expressions can emerge. 

At first it may seem strange because it’s outside of our mental societal norms, however, natural form and our vocal cords extend beyond the reach of societal norms.

In a way, much of our modern reality is encoded, expressed, and received through our current linguistic models and interpretations of reality. Our languages are based around our human cultural understandings of the nature of reality and how to express that to each other. While it is beautiful, there is still a sort of containment keeping us within a certain bandwidth of expression. Light Language expands the bandwidth of energy, emotions, ideas, concepts, sacredness and profound expression that can be shared in addition to our human languages. It allows the integration and embodiment of our vast multi-dimensional selves into our human interactions. 

Through Light Language, which is non-linear and is multidimensionally inclusive, we upgrade our human ability to interpret and express reality with an expanded programming language of possibilities, breaking free from the simplistic, limited linguistic models we have learned.

By allowing ourselves to surrender into a deep open state of consciousness, whether you call it flow, channeling, trance or another term, we allow a greater expression and wisdom of life to flow through us. 

We reintegrate into a vast web of consciousness, allowing our higher self, or extended multidimensional self, to begin the reconnection process with our human experience, the healing that humanity needs. As we reconnect with the life force of all dimensions of our being, more life force can flow into us, into our cells, and into our life! This allows an upgraded capacity for creative innovations, solutions, and interpersonal connections. 

Through the gift of Light Language, we allow an expanded holographic codex of sound frequencies to emerge from us, reprogramming reality and consciousness. 

While it is most effective to activate your Light Language by working with a Light Language mentor, you may try this practice to begin the opening for you. 

How to Activate Your Light Language:

  1. Sit or lie down in a relaxed comfortable position somewhere private and quiet; in nature is best!
  2. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and relax your entire body, particularly your jaw, neck and shoulders.
  3. Pray or hold the intention that the purity of your eternal soul comes through you.
  4. Ground and connect to the Earth. Feel and imagine yourself plugging or rooting into the ground.
  5. Imagine the intelligence of the universe, the light of the universe, and the wholeness of your eternal soul pouring down into your heart and filling your body.
  6. Imagine and feel this universal energy expressing through you as codes, geometries, and light information.
  7. Relax your mind and allow the energy to move through your throat, your tongue, and your mouth. 
  8. Allow yourself to begin to make sounds. There is no right or wrong here. It might be soft whispers, melodic, deep or loud. It may sound like words you know, or like nothing you’ve ever heard here. Relax, allow, surrender, and experiment. 
  9. Continue to breathe and allow sounds to move through you. They may come and go. Hold your focus to be, to surrender, to allow. 
  10. Explore your vocal range and speak what you feel inspired to say. Allow it.
  11. When complete, thank yourself and rise. Allow the energy of the Earth and the energy of your Eternal Soul to continue to flow through and around you.

This is the beginning, the opening of your Light Language. The power and application of this spiritual gift is deep and profound and I encourage you to explore as you feel guided.

To further explore and develop your Light Language for more innovative creativity and connection in your life, please be encouraged to reach to me for further guidance, activations, and Light Language training experiences.

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