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July 12, 2019

People With These 12 Personality Traits Manifest Their Dreams

A new perspective, a different path~ Things you may have never dreamed of before!

Have you ever sat back watching others as their dreams seem to manifest almost effortlessly, instantly into their lives whilst yours seem to be stuck in your wheels spinning in overdrive? Do you ever wonder….what is it that they have that I don’t?….

Do you want to move into that flow and create your dreams into your reality? There is something called BEing what I call an IM or Instant Manifestor. Way different from the IM’s or Instant Messages (or Instant Messenger) we have come to know of within the internet world!

Fancy to take a journey along a path? The Sacred Path of the Soul in which manifesting your dreams when you come from the perspective of the Soul, is a natural flow!

Natural flow as it is coming from your true nature, your dharma, your destiny. There are specific secret keys that people are BEing within their soul path of consciousness, that once you know them, you too can be an IM and manifest in this flow as the river to the Sea….so join me now as we dive deep into this Sea~

The Sacred Path of the Soul to be an IM (Instant Manifestor)

1. LOVE~ And no, it is free from being what you think it is. This is not some hippie Love fest (although it could be lol!). Yet what every IM (Instant Manifestor) has in their Sacred Path Dreaming Toolbox is LOVE or Law Of Vibration for their Evolution. Since everyone seems to think that it is LOA (Law of Attraction) that is whats on, I write all about this little known first Law of the Universe here in this must read article below so you can truly create your dreams the LOVE way….

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2. What is Source’s/Love’s Vision for my life?~ Those whose dreams manifest into reality as an IM (Instant Manifestor) start from within. Rather than chasing after what is in the outer world of trendy, popularity, fame, success, money, trinkets etc., IM’s move within the vision from Source/God or the Universe, whatsoever you choose to call such. This comes from a phrase we at some point in our lives have all heard of ‘Be Still and Know’. Deeply listening to that still small voice within of the vision of your Soul and its path as guided by Love/Source, the Master Artist of the Universe, the Creator of All That Is. It is within an ever constant enquiry of ‘What may I give, how may I serve? Guide me Source within INSpiritation (inspiration), I Am open, I Am ready, I Am willing to receive….show me. More on this in number 4.

3. Listening to your heart~ To be a true IM (Instant Manifestor), you are to listen to your heart. Now, this seems to be on olde cliché perhaps, however, in the hands of the IM, this personality trait, or rather soulful way of being is crucial.

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Now there is a difference between the Intuitive Heart which is your truest heart and that of the e~motional heart. The e~motional heart is the heart that is guided by well just that, emotions or energy~in~motion (ergo why it is written as e~motional). So this is the heart that is guided by the ebb and flow of triggers (good and bad), the ups and downs of life as it were. Much like a roller coaster really, basing choices off of those e~motions in any given moment changing such as often as one may change knickers! This way of moving in the world is very dramatic, traumatic, and free from being at all the following your truest heart.

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To follow one’s heart, the IM (Instant Manifestor) knows that of the Intuitive Heart. The Intuitive Heart is that voice from Source and from within that is of certainty, assuredness of the Sacred Path. The example I often use that Source has given me is that it is likened to the Love a mum has for her children. For me, each morn I rise, I Am free from saying to myself ‘hmmm….I wonder if I love my children this day?’ Ah contraire! I know I do, I just know. I Am free from ever doubting it or second guessing it, I just know, I just do. Our Intuitive Heart is as One with Source’s heart when we are within this unshakeable inner knowing from Source rather than of or from ego. I go into much more depth within the interview above.

4. Benefit of All~ Those who are IM’s (Instant Manifestors) are most keenly aware that our dreams are never our dreams really nor are they ever ‘ours’ in terms of possession. Much as Kahlil Gibran spoke of within his most famous book, The Prophet when he wrote On Children and equally within his words On Marriage and On Love as well, just as our children are never really ours, they belong to the Universe, the same can be said of our dreams.

Rather than it being ‘your dream’ of what can I get out of the Universe and others or in some sort of this is ‘my baby’ possession, an IM (Instant Manifestor) knows that his/her dreams are actually that of Source’s dreams, visions through him/her, that we never own anything, that all belongs to the Universe and that we are here to just simply enjoy within the deLIGHTment of such calling it our dream as it comes through us as us which is one of the greatest gifts Source gives us. Thus, equally an IM is very conscious about the fact that their dreams are to be the creation and co~creation in the benefit of all, which includes the IM (Instant Manifestor) yet is free from being to the exclusivity of, rather, an inclusivity of all. For all in the Universe as such comes from the Universe.

Interconnected with this above, IM’s are also quite attuned and in tune (within the tune or the harmony and melody of) all of the Attributes of Love and their dreams represent these attributes such as~

Loving kindness, compassion, caring, giving, showing another you love them and telling them, co~creation, co~operation, empathy, compassionate listening, community, freedom, union, gentleness, tenderness, softness, real, raw, vulnerable from the heartness, generocity, how may I serve, what may I give, how can I assist, what is the loving thing to say, do, be in this moment, upliftment, encouragement, seeing the Source/God within one another and all.

5. Seeing it from the End~ Much like those who are in sport, those who are within the know in how to manifest their dreams, see it from the end. In other words to mean, you are to vision the dream in its fullness and fruition. Visualising it, FEELing it, experiencing it as if~ as if it has already occurred! What does it feel like, really feel like to have this dream realeyesed (seeing with real eyes of your dream come alive!)?

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Those in sport know this very well, for they use the imagination, which by the way is the seat of the Soul rather than what you were indoctrinated into of things like ‘oh you are just imagining things’ or ‘its all in your imagination’ as if it were wrong or bad to be and do such! Quite the contrary. Those in sport actually imagine as if it is right here right now that they got the winning shot or nailed that triple axel~ every detail imbibing every feeling/sensation, e~motion of the dream manifest.

Oh you may have heard of this before, however, there is one special bonus I will give you. It is something I call marinating in it. I invite you to take this visioning process here and do such as you drift off to sleep every night for at least a fortnight or even up to a month (some dreams take longer to see some or all results).

Why? Because as you sleep, you have 8 hours (or however many hours you sleep) to marinate in that energy of your dream, your vision as it then goes into your subconscious mind whilst you sleep. Not only will you wake up refreshed, renewed, revitalised, and rejuvenated, you will also begin to dream awake or start seeing signs, synchronicities of your dream moving from just being a dream and into the realms of reality on this earth. The key with this is that as you are drifting off to sleep if your mind wanders, go back to the vision and begin again with every detail in the excitedness that it already is now.

A true person with this personality trait, or IM (Instant Manifestor) tool in the Sacred Path Dreaming Toolbox knows and understands the innerstanding (the inner understanding) that of what the natives and aboriginals know and have known since the time before time, which is that the consciousness within you is unable to tell the difference between what is a dream and what is our waking reality state as the subconscious and the soul sees it all as real and right now. In other words to mean, as in Shamanic tradition it is said that our waking time is actually our dream state that we are much more awake; that when we dream it is actually our soul traveling bringing it back into our waking state such travels from the multi~dimensions and calling it a dream, yet it is just as real if not more real than our actual waking time on the earth.

6. I Am That/It is Already Done~ This personality trait or tool in the IM (Instant Manifestor) toolbox is vital. When we are holding this vision, this dream in seeing it from the end, we understand with that innerstanding that I Am That and it is indeed already done. In other words to mean, within I Am That, you are One with this dream and since it is already in that vibrational reality of our dream state when we sleep, to bring it into our waking earthly reality we are to see, know, feel, experience that it is already here and that we are so One with that dream that it is as number 5 where there is no difference between waking state and dream state, they are One. Equally, you are One with your dream in which you collapse any sense of separation between it and you. To know more about how to be One with such see my article below.

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7. Holding the Vision Regardless~ An IM (Instant Manifestor) in the know of how to manifest their dreams, holds that vision regardless of perceived outer circumstances or situations that may be showing up as other than the vision of this dream manifest. You come into a resonance of conviction of this dream as if it is here right here right now with such an unshakable focus, a tenacity and voracity that presents a power that can create worlds, move mountains, and yes, bring your dream into fruition.

When you are an IM (Instant Manifestor), you are free from taking no for an answer as you understand that we are beings of yes rather than of no and that Source and the Universe responds to our Sacred Yes. One who manifests their dreams effortlessly is aware that all you are to be and do is to give your Sacred Holy Yes to your dream and that the moment you do, the dream begins to come into manifested form! Anything in our lives begins with our Sacred Holy Yes to it. Even if it is free from coming into physical manifestation yet, our saying a Sacred Holy Yes to something (or someone) makes it so that the universe (Source/Love) conspires with us, co~creates with us to bring the magnetism into form, the energy into form.

All it takes is your Sacred Holy Yes. When such a Sacred Holy Yes is given, it begins the natural flow of the universe’s magical enchantment of bringing forth into your life what it is you are saying that yes to. So be free from being surprised if you begin to notice changes, openings, transmissions of vibrational frequencies, and transformations occurring for you and of your dream coming forth when you say this Sacred Holy Yes! The actual event arriving of the dream in reality is simply the culmination of these energies that already have begun the moment of your YES!

8. Taking Right Action~ So what does it mean to take right action anyway? Well right action is never what your ego wants or what brings you the most fame, likes on social media, or what the popular thing to do is. Right action is that inwelling within your Intuitive Heart that calls you rather than you calling it. That compels you forth within the spirit of Love to move within the ways that Source would. As a channel I wrote back in 2008 in part that speaks to this says~

Right action is when your vibration, thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, and actions are all in alignment with Source which is for the benefit of all which includes you as you are within the all and then from that, you take the action that is in the best interest of the collective whole. Right action is when you take into account the vibration, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and words of all involved, taking them within you as Source, seeing them as Source, just as you are Source and then taking the right action that Source would in this moment. Right action is asking~ What would Love/Source do now? What would Love/Source say, be, act, move within, feel, in this moment? Being that we are Source/God incarnate, this means that we are to be as Source would be, do as Source would do, touch what Source would touch, hold what Source would hold, Love what Source would Love. It is when we are fulfilled from within of Source’s inspiration that compels us forth within that inspiredness to take the inspired action to touch, move, inspire. Taking right action is when we come from this resonance and then our action is one of Source/Love and all of its attributes.’

Right action is a vital part for our dreams to come into reality. Sitting and just being in the dream all the time and not taking action when the universe prompts you to through inspiration, signs, synchronicities is a death wish to your dreams. Too much action, not right action but e~motional reaction in a ‘gotta do something to make it happen’ like motivation which is not at all what inspiration is as shared above what inspired action is, is equally a death knell. Right action as shared here in number 8 is the integrated path of do be do be do (do beingness) as Frank Sinatra would sing.

9. Support~ In being an IM (Instant Manifestor) there is definitely a sense that being free from caring what others think of you. You are here to change the world and to bring your dream into manifestation as per number 7.

It is said that when we have a dream that we should not tell anyone about it for they are naysayers and could bring negative energy that stops us from manifesting our dreams.

The only way this would ever happen is two things~

1. You forget number 7 above entirely and care more about what other people are doing or saying which doing such will drive you mad for one and for another will short circuit the process and/or

2. You have a soul agreement for such to be free from occurring in this life. For more on soul agreements I refer you to my article above in number 5 called Authentic Living ~ Who We Are and Why We Are Here.

This said, those in the know have within their personality IM toolbox support. First an IM knows that Source and the whole Universe is in their corner. Source always, in all ways, has our back and supports us infinitely on our path. And also the IM likewise knows that the Universe will bring to us (based upon number 1 mind you) those who uplift, encourage, inspire, and support us within our dream. From words of encouragement to actual logistical assistance with tasks at hand regarding our dreams, the Universe always provides us that support. Which leads us into number 10.

10. Allowing the Flow~ Whilst it is crucial to be number 7, number 10 here is the balance of that. Allowing the flow is about trusting that Source is as in number 9 above and allowing the flow within Divine timing for your dream to come into fruition. Trusting that Source created you and knew how to do so, Source animates your breath and every organ in your body perfectly, so too will Source deliver your dream to you for the Universe is infinite and knows how to deliver such to you as the Source always provides (see number 9). Releasing all expectations of the outcome whilst at the same moment being number 7 (counter intuitive though it may seem) is key.

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Constriction and contraction of constantly wanting your dream in entitlement expectation or constant giving mixed signals to the Universe of number 6 above one moment, the next doubt, anxiety, fear only pushes your dream further away. It is like romantic Love~ when you are no longer looking for it and just allowing the flow of your life yet still being number 7 (and all of the numbers here frankly) then boom that romantic Love shows up in your life as if not of nowhere. Nowhere, to mean NOWhere. The more calm, centred, relaxed, and trusting within number 6, the quicker your dream comes.

11. This or Something Better~ Along with number 10 then, comes an inner understanding (innerstanding) that an IM (Instant Manifestor) is also this of the number 11 personality trait that brings your dreams into manifestation. When we are free from arguing with life or anyone in it of thinking that it is to be given us a specific way or through a specific person or time frame etc.; and when we can say and truly mean within our vibration, thoughts, feelings, e~motions, and actions that what we dream of we know that in thy will be done that the Universe will bring this or perhaps Source has something even better in mind for us, this is then opens the Sacred Pathway for amasing miracles of things beyond what you dreamed of to come through. My invitation to you~ Be open and allow the Universe to surprise you!

12. Appreciation~ And lastly, yet in essence is firstly as it takes us back full circle to number 1 which is appreciation. Every person who has every manifested a dream knows the feeling of gratitude for such a dream coming true. Yet gratitude is an after affect, something in the past, past tense of what already has occurred. Appreciation is in the present moment and being in the present moment of your dream and appreciation to Source for all of the blessings in your life, not just your dream, is the key to bringing such a dream into your experience as the Universe responds to this same vibrational frequency of appreciation the way a man does. To understand what I mean by this and why appreciation is a way better way to live and can bring your dreams to you much faster, please see my article below~

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Did you notice how all of these traits are all connected, interconnected, One. Without all of them in synchronising harmony, much like a building that falls without the proper foundational structure, even one of these traits missing will have the dream building on the Sacred Path collapse. It is free from being about being ‘perfect’ at it, it is about being a vibrational frequency match to these 12 essences, attuning to them as I share in the article given in number 1. The more you BE and live in right action within these traits, the more the IM in you shines through!

I can guarantee with consistent practice it will become second nature to you which actually is our first nature as it is who we really are! You can be an IM as I Am 🙂 as really, you are one too! I Am in the know, I know how as I have manifested my dreams coming true. How about you? You are now in the know! You go! Go make your dreams come manifest you IM you! I have (and Source has) every faith in you!


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