August 24, 2019

He is a Warrior: Sexual, Passionate Masculine Energy in the New Age.

“The way a man penetrates the world should be the same way he penetrates his woman: not merely for personal gain or pleasure, but to magnify love, openness, and depth.” ~ David Deida


Men, this is for you and all of the women who care about you.

While men are keeping in step with their evolution—becoming more sensitive and spiritual—there is an insurgence of women empowerment rising in society.

Men are being challenged, and many are feeling out of sorts, misplaced, and frustrated.

We have found equality in the workplace, and chores are no longer gender-specific. Men are staying home caring for the children, and women have become the breadwinners.

Although there is an excitement with our newly achieved roles, the complaints amongst the sexes grow. There is frustration as we realize some of our old needs are not being met. Women complain there are no real men, and men complain women are ballbusters.

In our desire for equality, we have lost the passion between the sheets. As men develop their sensitive sides, they are waking up to women who have asserted their power. He has lost his burning desire to ravish her.

We are confused. Our mates have become our best friends—sensitive and engaging—and we have lost our lovers.

Men, you have a challenging role to fill.

Stepping into your masculine power has been undermined and questioned. The #MeToo movement has stopped many in your tracks fearing to be the assertive bad boy women love to hate.

To complicate this, the very definition of masculinity has come into question.

When gender roles were defined, the male was the breadwinner. Along with earning the money, it furnished him with a power he could wield over his woman. A chauvinistic attitude prevailed. He who controls the money controls the decisions. And it is this attitude that empowered many women to break free and rise up against it.

The quandary comes here.

Women are torn between wanting to be equal and wanting to be worshipped.

Once a source of attraction, gentlemanly conduct has been diminished. This confusion has made the plight of men more tenuous.

The gentlemen’s code of ethics has been replaced by men who literally take women by the hair, without consent, or oftentimes under protest or duress and intimidation. Thus the #MeToo movement was born.

Or the polar opposite is the new man who wouldn’t dare be inappropriate. He lacks the passionate masculinity and initiative to get a woman hot and bothered.

The power of the new man resides within his sensitivity and spirituality, coupled with the fire of his primordial masculine energy.

This is evolution, developing the whole rather than operating under the imbalance of one. Masculine energy is needed and desired by women. The challenge is how to assert it.

It is a question of balance.

The traits which are innately masculine are not to be shied away from. They stimulate her feminine essence. A woman still desires a chivalrous man, whether she is a CEO or not.

Not to be mistaken, the strength of a man is not encased in his physical prowess; it comes from being a man of honor confident within his manliness.

To have real passion, there needs to be the pursuer and the pursued. One who takes the lead and one who submits, one masculine polarity and one feminine. The roles need not be gender-specific, and a little role reversal can be fun.

If we want to have the excitement that comes from sexual tension, we cannot be afraid of it. We need to honor and respect the polarity of the sexes and understand we each have a role to play.

The spiritual man understands this. He is a warrior and she is a goddess, honoring the divine within her.

These roles do not undermine the strides we have taken for equality in society. But to have a lustful desire, it requires sexual tension. Otherwise, we will be having lukewarm sex with our best friend—not blood-boiling, passionate lovemaking between the true essence of a man and a woman.

Enjoy the differences; it’s what makes it fun.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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