August 18, 2019

Dear Single One, Thank you for Saying Yes to Yourself.

Thank you, dear single one, for saying yes to yourself by saying no to entering a relationship for the wrong reasons.

By doing this you actually say yes to love!

I’m talking about the ones who are choosing to be single, not because they can’t “get” a relationship or a partner, but simply because they are not willing to be with someone or enter a relationship for the wrong reasons.

I am not talking about the single people who have walls around their hearts, who are afraid of commitment, and who hide their own insecurities by searching for unachievable perfection within a partner and distancing themselves from love.

I am talking about the single people who will only enter a partnership when they meet someone who has done the inner work too, and who is ready to show up fully in love from a place of feeling whole and complete within themselves.

These singles know that a “relationship” doesn’t equal happiness and it never, ever equals fulfillment. Relationships are not magical wellsprings that bestow these things on a couple.

No, you see fulfillment and happiness are not to be found in a relationship nor anywhere else, if they are not already sourced from within oneself.

These single people know that most people who are in a relationship jumped and rushed into relationships for many reasons, most of them rooted in and based upon fear. Most people are searching for fulfillment or trying to escape from their own inner landscape of fear, self-doubt, and lack by entering a relationship.

Truth being told, most people in relationships unconsciously chose to follow fear over love, while proclaiming it to be, and labeling it as, love for the world to see.

Following a variety of fears they entered a relationship in the hope of healing themselves, escaping the fear, avoiding it, or hiding from it.

We are talking about fears, such as:

>> Being alone
>> Being unlovable
>> Being disconnected from oneself, one’s boundaries, and one’s truth
>> Not being enough and therefore needing outside validation
>> Not daring to confront and take responsibility for our own lack of self-worth and-self love.

Baring this in mind, dear singles, I want to salute you, as I know how it takes bravery and courage to face these fears instead of following them and creating a life based upon them. You are consciously challenging your fears and choosing and creating a bigger story…the true story of love!

This true love story is one more valuable than any relationship with anyone else will ever be.

It is the strong connection you are building and having with yourself, your inner foundation of love and balance that you are tending to and nurturing each and every day. It is how you are in a fierce relationship with you. Whole, complete, by and with yourself.

You are not searching for completion outside,
You are living it,
Being it,
You are complete.

And someday, someone will maybe come along, someone who will not be looking for completion, validation, fixing, or saving—but who will be complete on their own, as well. They will want to meet you in wholeness, in love, and in power, not in lack, fear, nor attachment.

And that will be epic, as love meets and weaves together from the place within oneself. Yet that is still not the point.

The point is right now, within you:

>> Enjoy your bad-ass relationship with yourself
>> Nourish it
>> Take care of it
>> Love yourself up
>> And be complete and whole all by yourself

Because you always were and always will be whole in all ways that matter.

Please Dear Single One, remember:

A person feeling half does not attract a person feeling whole.

Two people feeling half does not make each other whole.

Only people who feel complete and whole can meet each other in power and love.

Never wish for someone who needs you to complete them, or for them to complete you.

Wish for someone who can stand on their own and who will still choose you—not need you.

And be that person for yourself,  as well.


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Read 13 comments and reply

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