October 22, 2019

Raw Living: When we Purify Ourselves, our Diet Changes on its own.

It is much easier to start diet changes when we love ourselves and our lives.

When we think of the words raw, alkaline, natural, fresh, and high vibe, our automatic association is with our diet. But there’s an importance in making sure that our chosen lifestyles and environments are also fresh and raw (close to nature), alkaline (not acidic/harsh), natural (not fake, diluted or processed), and high-vibe (uplifting and nourishing).

What we take in physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through our everyday experiences is either life-giving, sustainable, and supportive to our well-being, or detrimental to it.

As vegan or non-harming diets sweep across the list of modern trends, it is just as important to note whether our lifestyles are non-harming to ourselves and to others.

Our diets and food choices are simply extensions of who we are.

High-vibe diets (regardless of which we choose) are a natural response to loving ourselves. This connection to self-love can also happen in reverse order, starting first with non-harming diet changes, and eventually inspiring an entire reorganization of self; but starting with the self first, it is much easier to make positive impacts in our diet.

It’s the interactions and exchanges with ourselves and others in our everyday life–our entertainment or distractions, and what we give our attention to (social media, news, TV, movies, drama, or anxiety to name a few) that creates our perceptions of our lives. While a burger and Coke creates an acidic environment within the internal vital organs of the body, resulting in less than ideal oxygen within the body, as well as poor digestion and—eventually—health trouble, diets are changed with ease when we have purified our inner world of thoughts and emotions, and our outer world of experiences and relationships.

If we focus more on mindset, lifestyle, and behavior changes rather than a particular diet trend, we automatically shift into choosing non-harming food choices as a result.

Because our diet is often associated with our body shape and weight, our appearance and the foods we eat or do not eat in order to help us look a certain way tend to get more attention.

But ultimately, when we feel good mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, we look good as a response.

When we embrace a purified, non-harming lifestyle by doing what we love, choosing loving friends, workplaces and pastimes, and creating strong foundations through mindfully interacting with and responding to people, circumstances and situations, we are more drawn to and more likely to choose non-harming, raw, alkaline, natural, fresh, and high-vibe foods.

Healthy entertainment can include:

>> Any form of exercise such as hiking, yoga, sweating of any fashion, or even making love
>> A meditation or breathing practice
>> Solitude
>> Spending time in nature
>> Reading a good, conscious book (no murder mysteries)
>> Taking walks with a pet
>> Connecting with like-minded friends or kindred spirits
>> Singing, dancing, writing—creating
>> Gardening
>> Making a warm, fulfilling meal solo
>> Connecting with family members, or reuniting with loved ones you haven’t seen in a long time

When we are the best versions of ourselves, we tend to choose only the best of options to bring into our body and experience.

We are more likely to stick to a pure diet and benefit from it when it’s wholeheartedly genuine, when starting with the self and extending out into what we choose to ingest, focus on, and give our attention to.

When we purify ourselves, the diet changes on its own.

When we purify the mind, we purify the body.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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