October 16, 2019

What the Media Circus failed to see in the Dem Debate.

If we care about Climate Change, equal rights, a fair and stable economy not built on tax cuts for the rich…if we care about honesty, and democracy…well, we oughta care about the coming US election, wherever we live. And this week’s big Democratic debate was interesting in precisely the ways the media circus (and I’m generally a big defender of good journalism) failed to capture.

Mayor “Small Change” Pete, for one, lost my support. ~ ed.

Democratic candidates: who I’m all in for, at this point.

As usual, the media is reflecting drama, conflict, making jokes (Trevor Noah, looking at you) without much insight.

The debate I watched isn’t the one I’m seeing reflected in the after-the-fact media coverage.

So here goes. I’ll add links, videos, tweets as I update this.

Last night, I found Warren surprisingly evasive on simple facts. Not a good look.

Bernie seemed strong, clear, forceful.

“Pocket Change” Buttigieg seemed nasty, patronizing, unfair–not impressed. Also don’t love his fundraising.

Cory was charming, heartfelt, grounded, positive, but hasn’t done much so far.

Wasn’t impressed by Klobuchar, who according to the pundits had her first strong debate.

Beto had good moments, seemed poised, but seemed unsuited to defend against most unfair attacks. Biden was strong, weak, fumbling, clear…the usual.

Overall, I’m all in for Warren, Bernie, Beto, and Cory. I like and respect VP Biden, but see him as a bit bumbling and am wary about how he’ll be able to handle the political animal that is The Donald.

That said, I’d vote for any of ’em over President Trump—we need a return to honesty and decency and compassion and real strength. A return to democracy.

I still see Beto as the underdog unifier, who can unite moderates and progressives, and bring conservatives into the conversation, and off of Trump.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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