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November 28, 2019

Giving Thanks for the Small Things

As we prepare to join our friends and family, and possibly take a moment to be thankful, let’s remember the small things that hold our world together. I’m talking about pollinators and their intricate relationships with the plant world that make life on Earth possible for us. Most pollinators live only for a short time. Many songbirds live for only a few years and some insects live only a few weeks. For this reason the things we humans do can have immediate impact driving pollinator populations up or down.

Pollinators have experienced a precipitous decline in recent years but the good news is it’s very easy to help this situation. At the High Plains Environmental Center in Loveland, Colorado, we have seen a proliferation of life spring from fallow farm fields and winged creatures of all kinds are flourishing here.

Please watch our video, celebrate life’s complexity, and be thankful for the small things.

In these times we hear so much about what isn’t working, what is dying, what is lost. We can forget that fundamentally our world works beautifully with intricate and interdependent relationships. There is nothing missing. We have everything we need to balance and sustain life on Earth. We need only cultivate our appreciation, and an understanding of how things work, in order to know what other beings need from us.




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