November 27, 2019

Kesaradi Oil: the Ancient Ayurvedic Secret to Bright & Beautiful Skin. {Partner}

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Ayurveda has a brightening, revitalizing, nourishing beauty secret.

And it only takes three drops a day to take your skin from dull and dry to glowing and gorgeous.

Three drops is all you need. It puts an instant golden glow on your skin. Wonderful consistency just perfect for a daily face massage. It says to use it once a day, but it’s so addictive I use it morning and night. Its nutty scent is so organic and healthy. It leaves my skin hydrated and smooth. Can’t live without it!” ~ Ursula B.

It’s called Kesaradi (Kay-Sir-Aady) Oil: this seemingly magical Ayurvedic oil certainly delivers, as fans of it will tell you. But it’s not magic at all, it’s Ayurvedic science.

A beautifying oil that provides warm moisture unlike face cream, and yet is friendly to oil-averse skin, it’s changing the way skincare looks and feels.

I never write reviews about cosmetics but this one really has changed my approach to beauty. I love the rich texture that is immediately absorbed by my skin. Every morning I look forward to massaging my skin for a few seconds. Afterward, my skin feels as velvety and powder-soft as a peach. Love the smell too.”  ~ Aimee L.

What is Kesaradi Oil?

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Kesar is Sanskrit for saffron. This precious herb is found abundantly in the Indian valleys of Kashmir, the home of Ayurveda. When you read up more about the skin-benefits of saffron, you will find that it’s rich in Vitamin B2, B3, and B6 which are all great for the skin. When used in the form of an oil, these benefits are delivered deep into our tissues. Saffron is also a natural complexion enhancer and evens skin tone.

Kesaradi Oil* is a blend of saffron, rose, and 16 Ayurvedic herbs based on a recipe that’s thrived for hundreds of years and is nothing short of legendary: Ayurveda’s classical formulation of Kumkumadi oil, widely called “the beauty elixir” because of its complexion enhancing effects.

Its history stretches back for millennia—first mentioned in an ancient Ayurvedic text called Ashtanga Hridayam, which historians stipulate to have been written in India between 500 BC – 250 BC, and then elaborated upon by other Ayurvedic texts like Chakradutt and Yoga Ratnakar, which have been traced back to around the 11th and 17th Century AD, respectively.

Since the concentrate of Kumkumadi itself could be too strong for some, especially when it comes to western skin exposed to weather extremes and toxins, as well as aromatic aesthetics, Kesaradi Oil was developed to deliver the power of the concentrate, but more gently.

The result is a polyherbal formula specifically designed for the modern woman who wants pure, natural, Ayurvedic beauty, but also clear results.

With regular use, you can expect 7 distinct changes:

  1. A deep, radiating glow
  2. An enhanced complexion
  3. Toned look
  4. Softened skin
  5. Non-sticky, light moisturization that locks moisture in and creates a protective barrier
  6. Reduced need to apply moisturizer again and again
  7. An increase in compliments and questions about how you’re glowing so much

What’s the best way to use Kesaradi Oil?

It’s fairly simple to get the seemingly magical benefits of Ayurvedic science: just massage 3 drops onto your face, morning and evening. However, the most powerful way to use it is in combination with another one of Ayurveda’s best-kept beauty secrets, the Kansa Wand, for a relaxing and refreshing face massage. 

Not only does the Kansa Wand enhance the effects of Abhyanga (self-massage), but if we are to follow Ayurveda to its core, intention holds importance. Imagine this, you’re just out of the shower, the rush of the day awaits you. But you are not swayed.

You take a few minutes out, connect with yourself in the mirror, take a few drops of the oil, and breathe. Then you slowly start to massage your face, blending Kesaradi oil into your skin. What a mindful start to the day!

Abhyanga optimizes the blood-flow across our face, and it’s this unique approach that renders Ayurvedic skincare so powerfully anti-aging.

Over 32,000 Women can’t be Wrong

Ninety-seven percent of  Kesaradi Oil users give it a four or five-star rating. Here are some of their stories:

“I have combination skin and have tried so many products that promise all kinds of things and been disappointed. However, I have finally found an amazing product that has helped my acne but improved my skin overall. Since I started using these face oils I have received so many compliments on my skin with comments like ‘you are just glowing,’ ‘your skin looks amazing.’ I have had such great success that I had my teenage son who had terrible, very red inflamed acne and his skin is entirely clear after a month. He thanks me daily for getting him to use it. These are truly amazing products and I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for making a traditional Ayurveda herbal formula that works, I love it.” ~ Raven M.

“I have been using this oil twice a day for three weeks. I’m stunned that this oil alone has moisturized, reduced pore size. and evened my skin tone more than any of the expensive creams and serums I have tried. I am very pleased.” ~ Ann G.

“This oil is amazing! I have tried many products over the years. Kesaradi oil is by far the best skin care product I have ever used. My skin has a thicker consistency and smoother appearance. My fine lines and frown lines are disappearing. The most amazing part is I have only been using Kesaradi oil for a few weeks. I’m sold!” ~ Jacquelyn O.

“The claims about Kerasadi are true. Since I have been using Kesaradi Oil I have noticed a marked improvement in my skin, which looks brighter and softer somehow. I have even had compliments—not just on the improved look of my skin—but on the great aroma of the oil. I will definitely keep using Kesaradi Oil, very happy with the results.” ~ Jude K.

Read more reviews here.

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*Gluten-free. Contains no preservatives, mineral oils, or binders. Not tested on animals. Free shipping and 100% satisfaction, risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.




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