November 9, 2019

This is for the Women who Still Give a F*ck.

Years ago, there was a trending article: “This is For the Women Who Don’t Give a F*ck.

Well, this article is for the people who still do give a f*ck.

The ones who go the extra mile to help a friend pull themselves out of a bad situation yet again without judging, shaming, labelling, or giving advice.

The one who gives their car cash to the panhandler at the expense of their Starbucks grande cappuccino.

The ones who keep the conversation going about important issues when everyone else has checked out, thrown up their hands, or declared, “It’s not my problem.”

The ones who speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, because they know far too well the price of silence.

The ones who still donate their clothes, their used furniture, the books they have read, and the toys they don’t play with to the poor instead of selling them for a quick buck to buy more stuff they don’t need.

The ones who catch themselves while complaining when the car doesn’t heat up fast enough, to be thankful they even have a car, or heat, for that matter, when others slept on the street last night.

The ones who don’t walk past and turn away from the destitute, who look them in the eyes, smile, and treat them like the human beings that they are.

The ones who refuse to allow the bullies to win, who won’t be a silent bystander to another person’s humiliation and pain.

The one who interrupts the racist, homophobic, sexist, or rape joke, because no one’s pain should ever be a punchline.

The ones who join in, even though they don’t know the steps to the dance, because they are willing to look foolish in order to laugh and to learn.

The ones who still open doors for others, even when their own hands are almost full, who still offer to help another person to carry their load.

The ones who acknowledge their own failures and shortcomings and who take inventory their own mistakes, before ever judging another for theirs.

The ones who set aside pride, expectations, and explanations and simply say, “I’m sorry”—without adding “but.”

The ones who’ve been betrayed, whose hearts still grow stronger and fuller instead of shrinking into spite.

The ones who pray for their enemies, when it’s harder than pulling wisdom teeth, who are wise enough to not retaliate, seek revenge, or shrink down to that level.

The ones who show up, battered and bruised by their own tragedies, to help another soul heal their wounds.

The ones who know they are only a drop in the bucket, a teaspoon of water in the vastness of the sea, who still continue to try and fill it.

The ones who have been broken by the injustices in this world and still are not jaded by it.

The ones whose life mission is not riches, luxury, or adoration, but to leave the world a bit better then they found it.

The ones who still share after they have been robbed.

The ones who still reach out with compassion after they have been hurt.

The ones who dare to show someone what love looks like, because they may have never seen it before.

This one is for you.

Thank you for still giving a f*ck.

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