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January 28, 2020

The Art of Self Acceptance and Self Love!

The Art of Self-Acceptance and Self Love
By: Sherry Ellingson

    Recently Self-care has become a trendy word that is being thrown around. Self-care isn’t going to the SPA when you need 8 hours of sleep or buying a new Louis Vuitton handbag when your credit card is already overburdened. Self-care comes from a place of self-acceptance and therefore loving oneself (self-love). It’s recognizing the harm we may have caused others or the harm we may have caused to ourselves and being able to clean up our side of the court (I like to use a tennis court as a visual). It’s recognizing that all relationships take work including the relationship we have with ourselves. Being aligned with our core values and therefore operating from that space. It’s being grounded in who we are, being able to spend time alone without numbing ourselves. It’s the ability to create loving kindness for ourselves. The ability to balance the mind, body, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves, that makes us a whole person.
To not loose ourselves in “busyness” or other forms of escape. The ability to learn to not spend time with those who are toxic. And finally treating yourself as your own best friend, is the act of self love!

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