February 20, 2020

Please Vote, Even if it’s Not for Bernie.


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It’s hard to tell who won, but I am sure that someone at the White House had a pretty chilled evening.

I have been the Debbie Downer multiple times during the last weeks. Over and over, I’ve expressed my feeling that Trump has a high chance of winning the upcoming elections. People have laughed at me.

Tonight’s debate might have stopped some of the amusement among my friends. 

Maybe it is just me being negative, but I didn’t feel it—I didn’t see anyone who would beat Trump. He is an idiot in the eyes of many, but a hero to others. It is a difficult situation. Trump was not an accident, and tonight’s democratic debate was a gentle reminder of that. 

While most people in Europe assume that a bag of potatoes would win against Trump, things are not that easy. The Democrats need somebody who reaches behind the choir, someone who unites the party against Trump. 

I felt the two hours of the debate were a collection of finger-pointing and name-calling. It was hard to believe that these people were representing the same party, calling each other communists or oligarchs. 

There were moments with the audience cheering and booing as if this were a sitcom or wrestling. The candidates were openly attacking each other, not on political issues, but on a personal level. Obviously they had in mind that the news would pick out the best punch lines, and that clearly shaped this debate. 

Each candidate was trying to make their headline. They were not talking to each other, they were talking about each other. It made everyone look kind of bad.

Democrat voters need someone who gives them a feeling of perfection. Obama did a pretty perfect job on that. Once trust and hope are built, there are huge voter turnouts and a high chance of democrats winning the elections. 

The higher the voter turnout, the more likely it is that Trump’s days in office will be over. It is not about which candidate is running; it is essential to mobilise all voters across the country. 

Some hardcore Bernie fans say he could do that—I hope he will be able to do that, but I don’t see it happening. 

As much as I would like to see Bernie take the win, I am worried that he won’t connect with the so-called moderate democrats. People living in swing states, where fears of a socialist Armageddon are part of the public debate, don’t feel the “burn.” It is not upon me to judge that fear as I don’t understand it, but it is a huge problem for Sanders.

As much as I love Bernie for his passion and good arguments, I am not sure if a 78-year-old senator from Vermont is the right voice for a social revolution. His popularity is a danger for the democrats, simply because most of his supporters would not support any other candidate. Unfortunately, there are also many Democrats who would not vote for Bernie.  

The Democrats need all of their potential voters in order to have a chance against Trump and his friends at FOX news. It would take the experience of Joe Biden, the heart of Elizabeth Warren, the philanthropic voice of Bloomberg, the young spirit of Buttigieg, the humour of Klobuchar, and, of course, Bernie’s passion. 

Ideally, one person would be able to unite all these different voices within the democratic party: from the university socialists to the liberal entrepreneurs, the single moms to the farmer boys who love football—they all need to be on board. 

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. There is no superstar in the party who pleases all groups, but maybe it is in the interest of the group to change the perspective. The main goal is not witnessing four more Trump years. Let’s not allow the media to stir up controversies around all candidates and divide potential voters. Democrats need to stick together on this one. 

Some say Warren should run and be the first woman president. Maybe Bloomberg is going to buy his way into nomination and has a fair chance against Trump. Who knows, maybe Bernie makes it happen and competes with Trump for presidency. We don’t know what the future holds, but maybe we can agree on one thing: 

Let’s keep our focus on the main goal most of us share: getting Trump out of office. 

Avoid another four years of international embarrassment. Even if your favourite candidate doesn’t make it, please go out and vote. 

Use your voice, register, vote, and be part of the change. Even if it is not for Bernie.


A friend from Europe. 





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