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February 18, 2020

Top Tools and Techniques for Recruiters in the 2020s

The Digital revolution has transformed how HR departments and recruiters work. Traditional job websites have been replaced with recruiting tools.

The battle for the top talent in the 2020s will be more fierce than ever. Here are some game-changing recruiting tools and techniques that will shape your hiring strategy in the future.

Sourcing Tool

a)     Github:

Github is a hosting service platform that has its additional features? Github provides a web-based graphical interface that also includes access control and several features that add values in their business.

b)  Meetup:

Meetup is a service provider platform that organizes local group meetups who has similar interest. Through this different person from different communities, learn and come out with new innovative ideas to pursue their common goals.

c)  Social Media platform:

This is a collective computer-mediated technology through which we can share information, ideas, with other communities and networks. With the upcoming of modern recruitment techniques organizations are searching candidates through different sourcing tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook.

Referral Tool

a) Zao:

Zao is an employee referral tool that is easy to use and helps the recruiter to hire the right fit. The referral tool also helps the recruiter to circulate job opening and accept the referrals seamlessly instead of casting your wide net.

 b) Simppler:

A referral program like simppler empowers companies to control employee referral programs. Simppler help recruiter to hire fast and effectively through its referral program, which is driven by machine learning.

 Job Posting:

   a)  Indeed:

It is an employment-related search engine for a job listing. A compelling job board that provides a flexible recruiting option for the job posting. With the correct keyword, Indeed helps recruiters find the right fit for the organization.

  b) Naukri:

It is a platform that allows the recruiter to find the relevant candidate who suits your industry. Naukri can find a candidate more efficiently and display worth considering talent.

Candidate Screening Tools

a) Candidatezip:

Candidatezip Is a coding-free resume/job data extraction tool that helps recruiters to connect any resume source to their existing ATS/ CRM. It also helps in screening multiple resumes in one go which removes tiresome work.

b)  Mail Parser:

Mail parser extracts all the relevant data from your emails based on your custom parsing rules. It is automated programs that send data automatically to its application.

Task Management tools

a) Any. Do:

This is one of the Task Management tools which keeps you organized. It provides you an overview of the task which needs to be complete. Any. Do syncs seamlessly across your devices to your to-do list.

b) TasQue:

This is a step up over the TO-Do list application. This tool is using for the assigning of a new task to team members. TasQue manages the privacy of the workspace and task. It is the best tool for the team that is working on the same project with the same skills required.

On-Boarding Tools

a) Bamboo HR:

BambooHR is a software that collects and organizes all the information of the employee. BambooHR helps the HR department to have better processing and held things that make it look great to a new employee.

b) iCIMS:

This is an onboarding application which helps in an organization to automate their hiring process. This management application reduces paperwork hassles and personalizes their hiring onboard.


Keep these points in mind and make perfect use of these software plan to get the best results. Do you know about more areas where such software can perfectly fit? Share with us.



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