March 18, 2020

An Open Love Note to Humanity during these Dark Times.


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Dear Humanity,

It’s sweeping
It’s spreading
It’s treading
It’s climbing

I know you feel it
I know you’re hurting
I know you’re scared

You’re reaching
You’re grasping
You feel like that’s all you know to do
The uncertainty is lingering, it’s growing, and spreading like wildfire.

It’s hard feeling helpless
It’s difficult being human

But control isn’t the way
Try to understand the things that are happening today are not happening to you but for you. 

A greater shift is underway
One that will bring you into Divine alignment

Do not see yourself as one
But one piece of a whole
Understand, you are powerful as one and power magnifies and transmutes as a whole.

Don’t hide
Don’t fear
Don’t argue
Don’t hate

For the why is not the answer

The answer comes within you
Standing united
Like a beautiful tapestry woven together
Draped with love, courage, and strength.

This is your why

The wave is pattern disruption
It feels like crashing
This is far bigger than just you

The way you live
The way you take
The way you hate
The way you react
The way you consume and destroy

I understand you are only human—
But it’s time to shift.

This is about me, too

I’m relying on you
To go first
To lead
To speak with integrity
To raise awareness, shift the consciousness, uplift all that is

To change
To create your own wave
To make this a better place for all of us
Sweep through with abundance
Of love, light, positivity, and joy

Fear not, for you are so supported, loved, and protected

Now is the time to trust
Now is the time to surrender
Now is the time to love
Now is the time to make waves of change

I am relying on you to combat dark with light.
This is the only way

Connect to you
Connect to me
For we are one

We are one
And if not for you, we have none

Today, I wrap my arms around you
You know what to do.

For all we have is each other
We are one.

Love Always,
Mother Earth



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Read 13 comments and reply

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