March 27, 2020

Maybe this Epidemic is the Time to Sit our Asses on the Floor & Bow to our Bodies.

Warning: naughty language ahead!

It’s the middle of this worldwide crisis and I am wondering if the past two days of flu symptoms and mild fever are a common cold, allergic reaction, me being highly sensitive to energies, food, and my environment, or if I am the next victim of COVID-19.

Even if it’s not the virus, don’t we think it’s time to fucking sit silently in our chairs, or beds, or offices, or simply on the floor, and bow down to our bodies that hold our spirits so we can enjoy this life?

Maybe this epidemic period, or any other illness we go through, is a wake-up call to see how we are using our bodies. To make us recognize that we are not machines with only speed, aggression, and busyness—pushing harder each moment to achieve goals that we think will make us feel better about who we are.

Really people, maybe this is the time to sit our adult asses on the floor and bow to our bodies. It’s time to be gentle with this fleshy mechanism that will one day shut down.

Isn’t this crisis reminding us about the fragility of life—asking us to assess if we are living from our authentic hearts, or just going after things that are lost in the end?

I am not trying to be pessimistic or swallow the fear of these trying times, I am just realizing how fragile our bodies are.

And our bodies respond to anything we think and feel. I guess we all know this fact by now.

The mind and body share a very close connection. We create our illnesses with what is processed, or unprocessed, in our minds. The mind affects the body. When we start to train our minds to think differently, and open up to new perspectives in our lives, our bodies will look younger—we will feel more vibrant and alive.

So, going back to this global crisis, I feel like asking: are we in an emotional and physical crisis at the same time?

Are our bodies being attacked by the force of our destructive minds? Our careless ways of living and excessive superficial freedoms that make us sick? Perhaps our ways of existing in this world are completely off the track?

There is a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual, crisis we are going through right now—climate change, a foreign virus attacking our bodies, the destructive political climate, racism, hate, and more.

When are we going to end the war against ourselves, and all other living beings? When are we going to fucking wake up and live from the gentleness of our vulnerable hearts?

We need to remind ourselves that we are here only for a little time, and any inner or outer war we wage is simply a hysterical cry of the spirit wanting to live its truth.

Mother Earth is calling for our attention. Only a crisis like this can get us back on track, whether we like it or not. This is bound to happen, to show each of us the importance of shared humanity. The importance of our relationships, and connections to each other, in our human existence, and that in death we are all the same. Why not live with the same thought: that we are all the same no matter the roles we play, or the places we live?

In this epidemic trial, what is your soul whispering to you? I’m sure it is speaking to you right now. Go and do that.

We need to peel off our masks and role-playing clothes and come naked—bow to our bodies and apologize to them for how wrong we have been using these vessels. 

By coming closer to our bodies, listening to them more frequently, and exercising or engaging in pleasant movements, we will transform our mind-body connection. As we change our mindset, we change our bodies. Then we can heal our entire nervous system, and then our relationships will also heal and transform for the better.

This crisis is here to show us what matters most, what matters less, and what doesn’t matter at all. It is here, inviting us to change our priorities in life. Challenging us to pay more attention to our inner well-being and what makes us happy, joyful, or playful—what nourishes our spirits, our bodies, and our relationships.

This global crisis is here to remind us that life is fragile and we need to treat it with more respect. We need to take responsibility for our happiness and well-being instead of continuing old, immature ways.

Each of us has to transform and change from within. The first place is the mind-body.

Also, have you ever thought about your breath? How important it is for us to be alive? We take our breath for granted. Go back to your breath. Remind yourself how many people cannot breathe normally as their lungs are degenerating because of the virus.

Be grateful that you can breathe. That your lungs are clear, and that fresh air enters your nostrils. Remind yourself of this every single moment. Become aware of your existence in ways you may have not before.

It’s time we remind ourselves why we are here, and check-in to see if we are living from the truths found in our hearts.

And let us pray for everyone around the world.

Let us ask Spirit, or God, or whatever name you want to put on that infinite intelligence, to take us home to our hearts so we can make use of this life in the best ways possible. So we can each transform for the better, and start living from a place of integrity and connectedness to all living beings on this planet.



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