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April 13, 2020

A New Era

What a year you have turned out to be. A year of teaching us all the art of deep surrender, letting go, truely trusting, and loving day by day.

We are learning to enjoy the simple things in life again and to have immense gratitude for the not so simple. Things we once took for granted have been stripped away, peeling ourselves and our lives back from who we thought we were to who we really are.

In our genetics still lie the hunter and the gatherer, the healer, the medicine woman or man, the goddess, the god, the warriors. We cannot escape or deny this. .

We are naturally programmed to live in a tribe, a community, to support and sustain life for each other. To live off the land.

In these times of chaos as what we once thought was our reality and world crumbles around us, it is time to come back to the true essence of who we are as individuals and humanity.

As egos strip away souls begin to shine.

As fear rises it gives the opportunity for deep healing and release of long held fear and for love to begin to shine

In darkness there is always light.

Let the cracks in your life reveal your light and love.

Let this be a time for you to come “home”.

The time is now to trust in humanity, Mother Nature, “God” and yourself.

The time is now for earth, humanity and yourself to heal and let love prevail once more.

A new era is dawning.

Iam Journeying Home~ Mandy

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