April 22, 2020

If this is Time for Reflection & Grace, why don’t we Elevate the Human Race? {Music Video}

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My brother Gabe and I have never really had a chance to collaborate artistically.

He lives in Tahoe; I’m in NYC. And though we both have a hunger for creativity, we’ve put ourselves on different playing fields.

This week we changed that.

We took advantage of the opportunity we’ve been given through this isolation to pay homage to our global situation.

It’s been a bizarre period, but the most inspiring thing is that we’re all in it to together. And I actually have a really good feeling that it’s going to make us better humans. This song represents that optimism.

We hope you enjoy it and can resonate with the message. It’s called, “Elevate.”


Yo! Y’all remember preparing for 2020?
Looking at the future and seeing it so clearly?
Thinking that we had some hindsight to hold onto
Until the year became a testament to the hard truth.
I didn’t know, (no) and neither did you.
None of us could see it coming from our point of view.
Because we’re trapped within our vices,
and more importantly couldn’t seem to put down
Our motherf*cking devices.
But this was happening in front of our eyes.
Before this corona sh*t took us all by surprise.
We were taking life for granted.
Not even realizing that we were
stuck in our damn habits.
And now our rights are all taken away.
We’re looking out our window wishing for a better day.
And I wish that I could take the pain away,
but I can’t –
because we’re in this together
so let’s learn from it and elevate.

If this is time for reflection and grace
why don’t we elevate the human race?
If this is time for reflection and grace
why don’t we elevate the human race?
I don’t know, if this is time
for reflection and grace
can we just elevate the human race?
If this is time for reflection and grace
why don’t we elevate the human race?
Ready? Go.

It wasn’t long ago we used to go out,
shave our facial hair
and worry about
how our lives would be reflected in the social sphere,
and paying attention to the reflection
that we’d see in the mirror.
But now we walk around naked.
and don’t even bother to think
About the impression that we are making.
And that’s the product of this patience
that we are developing
as we move through this situation.
So, try to look at the bright side
and see that within time,
humanity’s gonna be in the right mind.
But we just gotta keep searching within.
Embracing this isolation
as if it were a friend.
Because we know
that if we can
get through this together
then we’ll start to depend
on each other like we never had.
I know that when this is over,
I’m gonna be a better man.



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