April 17, 2020

Give Yourself Permission to be Vulnerable.


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How often do we ask for help?

For some of us, it can be quite difficult. But, sometimes asking for help can be the best thing we can do for ourselves. When we feel overwhelmed, it’s best to allow someone we trust to guide us through the storm.

Sometimes pride can get in the way. We do not need help. We can do this ourselves. However, this thinking only gets us so far. Eventually, we will be knocked over by the weight we insist on carrying alone.

Why is it so hard for some of us to be vulnerable? Why is it so difficult for us to let someone pull us out of our darkness? Pride and shame are the main suspects. We feel weak. We may think that we are worthless, or defeated, if we ask for help.

Fear can hinder us from being real. We think, “If I open up, then they will know the real me. I cannot allow that to happen. If they know the real me, then I may be rejected.” And nothing hurts more than being turned away by someone we love.

Newsflash! The strongest individuals are the ones who know their own limitations.

It is brave to be vulnerable and take risks. Knowing that some may reject us only makes us stronger. It’s scary, but allowing ourselves to be vulnerable can enrich our lives. It makes us more human. Plus, when we reach out to someone for help, we get to see who has our back. We can “share the load,” and lessen our stress at the same time.

Later, when someone asks us for help, we can empathize with that person. We will understand his or her reluctance to ask for assistance.

We must always remember that being vulnerable is hard for many people. This way when someone approaches us we are one step ahead in understanding them. We will already know that asking for help is worth it. They might not.

Asking for help can also reconnect us with others. In this digital age, we tend to forget human contact. When we help each other, we connect on a deeper level. Even if it is just asking someone to move a couch. Helping others may enable us to develop a friendship with someone, or grow closer to someone we already know.

So, this week, think of something that requires assistance. It can be something simple like needing help moving, or it can be something deeper. A situation we are going through; the type that takes real courage to speak up about. Think of something, and then ask for help!

We are meant to live together and to be together. We cannot do life alone. Be vulnerable, it’s okay.

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