April 8, 2020

Why Isolation may be Dangerous.

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Have you heard the phrase, “divide and conquer?”

I thought it meant to divide tasks in order to “conquer” your “to-do” list.

But, thanks to my husband, Duke, I’ve since learned its real meaning. The “conqueror” divides and isolates its enemy into single/smaller groups making them easier to defeat.

A heard of elephants is a strong force. Together, they are nearly impossible to defeat in the wild. But if young or weak elephants fall to the outskirts of the herd, or are driven to the outskirts by a predator, they’re more easily “picked off” and defeated.

Divisions within the United States and the entire world have been building. Have these divisions attributed to the global COVID-19 pandemic?

People have been so politically, socioeconomically, and ideologically divided that perhaps, the natural progression may have led us to physical division and isolation. The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 came shortly after the United States entered WWI. It was another time of great division. History repeats itself.

Each person or small group of families, loved ones, friends, or roommates have retreated into their own “shelter in place” situations.

But what if this shelter becomes a retreat or even a “chrysalis” of metamorphosis for you, your loved ones, family, and friends?

It is entirely possible that we could experience an amazing process of individual and world healing, as long as we stay connected during this isolation.

From YogiApproved, “The Root Chakra/Muladhara (translated as ‘foundation’) keeps us grounded and roots us to familial beliefs that support the early formations of identity and a sense of belonging. The energy of the Muladhara is tribal power. It’s all about family dynamics, and basic needs like feeling safe, supported, and provided for.”

While we are physically isolated from one another, if we strengthen our root chakra connections (families, loved ones, communities, friends), we will come out of this stronger. We will heal. Perhaps there will even be less division overall.

But if our first chakra connection breaks down too much, we may experience disassociation and fear—especially financial/economic fear—which could take over. If we fear for our basic needs, we will not feel safe or supported.

Out of this isolation and fear, the potential for societal breakdown exists.

Fortunately, you hold the key: deeper connections.

Humans are social beings.

At the core, you are made of Pure Love and Light.

You’ve seen communities come together to help one another during natural disasters: hurricanes, floods, fires. We all work together, physically as well as emotionally, to rebuild what was lost.

This virus is too insidious to allow groups of people to physically come together in order to “rebuild” emotionally and financially. At least, not yet. But this too shall pass.

Knowing that we need to stay connected now more than ever, what can you do to support and lessen societal divisions?

It is more important than ever to reach out via phone, text, or FaceTime to connect with your friends, family, and community. Offer support. Do it safely. Reflect your Light wherever possible.

The world needs you more than ever. Continue to hold onto and nurture hope. Keep your connections strong.

Practice your yoga. Meditate and the answers will come.


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