April 3, 2020

Karma, Dharma & the Coronavirus: How to Heal Humanity & Ourselves.


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Elephant’s Continually-updating Coronavirus Diary. ~ Waylon


Why Speaking in terms of Karma is Sometimes Misleading.

If we speak in terms of karma, we need to take a step back and change the meaning of it that sees karma as an old, wise divinity punishing us for our mistakes.

“Karma will fix it,” “I’ll let Karma do its job,” “Let Karma finish it” are just a few of the numerous phrases and memes you can find almost everywhere online.

There’s a real subculture about “Karma doing its job” when people want to feel good about their actions, or get revenge for their sufferings caused by someone else.

Honestly, I find this point of view just plain incorrect and disempowering because karma is something more personal, something that has more to do with understanding our own actions, and with developing the self-awareness needed to change ourselves.

We tend to repeat what we don’t repair, so in this sense, “Karma doing its job” is nothing but us “doing our job.” Meaning, it’s our inability to learn from our mistakes as we continue to repeat old scenarios and patterns.

This is karma intended to be used in a psychological way, one that concerns our spiritual and human evolution.

But what about dharma?

Living in accordance with our dharma is living in harmony with the Universe.

To find this harmony, we have to do some inner work. Most of our physical and psychological sufferings come from living a life away from our dharma, whose main ethical principle is ahimsa, or non-violence.

By living in dharma, we develop internal peace and happiness that allows our spiritual practice; this way of living gradually extends to all those around us and positively affects them.

Imagine living in a world where every human being is guided by the non-violence principles—non-violence within ourselves, our actions, words, and thoughts. Non-violence toward every existing being.

So, how are karma and dharma related to the Coronavirus?

According to Micro and Macrocosm theories, we can’t think about ourselves as separate from the Universe. Everything we are experiencing in our human existence is reflected in and affects the Macrocosm.

So coming back to karma, by learning to heal ourselves, we can begin to heal humanity.

It’s the “as above so below” law.

If we want to help humanity, if we want to save the earth, if we want to change the world, we have to start with ourselves.

The world is suffering right now, humanity is suffering right now, and so this is the moment to ask ourselves:

>> What we are really capable of learning?
>> Which patterns, old habits, future, big or small sacrifices, are we really willing to do?
>> Can we break the karma cycle?
>> Can we live in dharma?

There is absolute justice in the Universe, and this is not something based on an external punishment or reward; this justice takes only into account the development of our consciousness.

This is karma, this can be dharma.

It’s time to be a better human—it’s the only way to change the world.




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