April 4, 2020

Someone just publicly accused me of being a womanizer.

When you’re accused of something, do you Ignore or Defend? Or is there a third, better way, like humor or making peace?

Being public (I’m a public figure, but not famous) is fun! I can travel, and folks know me and Elephant, sometimes. Instant community!

But it can be tiring, too, being out there for folks to project upon. This morning, I woke up to a strange comment from a lady…

Someone just publicly accused me of being a womanizer.

Which doesn’t seem like the worst thing to be if she just means I’m charming (a rare occurrence, but it happens).

But if she means I use people, or hurt people, that’s pretty much the diametrical opposite of how I was raised and try to be in, or out of relationship.

She threatened to write about me to the local paper, and ask around to find other women (good luck, I’ve only had one bad relationship ever, and it was bunny boiler territory), and did so on a public forum, defaming, which is illegal. I have screenshots.

Here’s the truth of my life.

In terms of defamation, truth is the only defense for attacking someone publicly. The irony is I think I’ve been on my own, alone, 90% of the time over the last few years, and been in sane, kind, fun relationships the other 10%.

If you want to talk womanizers, I could give you a list. I know a few man-izers, too.

Do I love dating, if I’m interested in someone, they seem caring, and lovely, and independent? Guilty.

I’m sick of being public, sometimes, it feels so vulnerable. But that’s on me to get comfortable with feeling that way, that’s the practice.

Deep breath!




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Read 19 comments and reply

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