April 18, 2020

Taurus New Moon: Release the Bullsh*t of the Past. {April 22-23}


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


There’s a humble grounding energy with this new moon.

April 22, 2020—Earth Day. 

Yet it’s totally unstable and also chaotic, as Uranus—the planet of awakening and radical change—pulses in to rudely and surprisingly show us what cannot last any longer.

It’s hard to put a general consensus on this new moon, because it really has to do with your personal evolution, your astrology chart, and whether you’re awake and willing to wake up and make radical changes for this year, and the future.

As we come out of the Aries cycle, and move into Taurus, it’s a time to make peace with the past and to lovingly let go of the patterns, cords, habits, people, and toxic things that we know don’t work.

Yet to actually release the karmic binds of the past takes personal courage and introspection to identify with where we individually want this next decade to go.

The thing about astrology is it helps guide us, and makes sense of life and our story. Yet, we must be the ones who take action, discern, and choose what to release and what to move forward with. 

In a time of a great pandemic, with a lot of uncertainty, more than ever, we must bear witness to our minds and consider how we script our reality and what shows up. People think it’s fate when others show up and old relationships surface, and when we are in isolation, it’s easy to fall back into what’s comfortable and comforting.

The temporary pleasure to resolve our deep emotions and insecurities may feel good in the moment, but it’s not a long-term solution to feeling actually fulfilled within. We can be mindful of what we cling to, the fantasies, and how we attach and avoid our own wounds and self.

Taurus is the Earth sign, ruled by pleasure. Yet pleasure comes in many forms, and perhaps as humans we are learning now how to be more connected and conscious and release the need to fall into loveless patterns. Being alone, in whatever capacity that is, even if it’s with other people, forces us to look at ourselves and our shadows and changes the nature of relationship. No doubt this is an extreme time, and an opportunity to consider what brings us pleasure beyond an instant gratification, a quick fix, and reliving our pains and things from the past.

The energy has been hectic, with everyone going through something, whether it’s conscious or not. Our mental and emotional energy has been high-strung, and in this next month, it’s imperative we take command of our health and well-being and realize what really matters to us as individuals.

While Taurus is the archetype of beauty and pleasure, the shadow is that it can become stuck and stubborn in its mind and refuse to change its ways. 

So it’s now a time of awakening, where we can choose whether we live in the paradigm of the past or release the binds and the cords and the things that can’t work for us any longer. The karma is deep, the bonds are hard, and it’s by no means easy to wake up to the realization of who you are and what you want in life.

While everyone believes their own rules, and has their ideas of how life should be, the truth is, no sense of happiness or fulfillment will ever come until you choose you and want to be happy in yourself.

Beware of the wounds, the impulse, the anger, and the mental and emotional charges that come up in this time. Don’t be stubborn or resistant; people can help you shift perception, if you’re willing. We need to find our balance. Yet to do so, it requires a sense of inner knowing, a real purpose, and fulfillment in life, beyond what other people can bring or create.

We are shifting paradigms, and as our lifestyle changes we are forced to adapt. We all can realize the interconnectivity of each other, of earth, and of the sky above.

Because this is the new season, and the new year in astrology terms, the time is now to reconsider, reflect, and realize what matters, who matters, and the right bonds and connections so you can live well. 

In my own experience, what I know is that life can control us and we can think there is something beyond us creating it, or we can empower ourselves to love better, to choose ourselves, and to authentically step forward in the path that calls to us. Until we feel that inside, take the strides to make the change, and abandon the fear of not getting what our heart really desires, we will still live trapped in the past, with cords—and things, and people—that don’t really serve who we actually are.

Real security requires us all to individually find security within, love, and dare to be real and vulnerable with one another, without triggers and mental patterns building walls.

I invite you, on the new moon, to make a magical wish; and cast a spell; and write out and contemplate who you are in this moment, what matters, and what you want long-term. Even if it hurts, even if it requires releasing karmic binds, and even if it makes no sense, take a moment to choose you and consider where you can build better roots and foster this new beginning to serve you and help you.

While we all reach toward people and relationships, it’s imperative in this time to choose you, without the nuances of the external, and to communicate and be free, by releasing the mental and emotional attachments and getting clear in who and what contributes to your joy and brings you support and fulfillment.

The Earth sign Taurus teaches us that true stability and security is within the heart, and only when we are connected to that place, without the fear and pains and attachments, can we possibly live well, embody joy, and share mutual love with one another.

We are all in this together…as Mother Nature demands, we too can take time to rest, reflect, change, let go, and shed our own layers to live better, to grow, and to become the beautiful people we are meant to be.

Yet, it’s not always easy. Feeling into our depth, listening to others, and being willing to let go can cause pain, yet in the rebirth of the season, there is more to gain and a beautiful future before us that can breed more connection, calmness, and unity, if we and others allow it.

Release the stubborn mind, shift the perception, feel into those emotions, and quit telling the old stories. What you choose now, you choose for a decade. Consider whether you’re living a prisoner of your past, or if your authentically moving forward, planting new seeds, fostering the best connections, and living in alignment with what fills you up and can last long-term.

It is from that place, in that truth, and with that clarity that we all can build a new foundation, live with better values, and create more harmony within and amongst each other.

If we are lucky, we can choose the right connections that challenge and change us for the better and help us root into ourselves, so we can live authentically and without the drama and bullsh*t the past may have served us.

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